Top Reasons Why Avocados Are The Best Food In The Whole World

Everyone loves avocados and those who don’t are missing out on a lot. Whether you regularly go to your local shop for your avocado breakfast, or get a healthy food delivery for your dinner, avocados are simply the best fruits in the whole world. Actually, they are not vegetables but fruits and berries, in fact. Well, here are a few reasons why avocados are staple fruits for many people.

1. Avocados are fattening but in a good way. They contain more fat than other fruits but this shouldn’t keep you from eating them. They contain a healthy amount of mono-unsaturated fats. It’s the best type of fat which is good for your heart and overall body.

2. Did you know that avocados are also nicknamed alligator pears? Well, that’s because it has a wrinkled rough green skin that looks exactly like that of an alligator and it has a pear shape. When you cut open an avocado, the seed looks like an alligator’s eye, right?

3. Eat avocados to regulate your blood pressure. Well, if you have high or low blood pressure problems, eating an avocado is the surest way to regulate it naturally.

4. Have you ever eaten an avocado with bread? It makes the best spread, right? Well, it’s certainly a scrumptious combination for any time of the day. Even your kids will love it too. Don’t worry about mayonnaise, jam, butter or peanut butter. If you have ever had avocado toast, you will never forget that taste. You can enjoy more than 20 nutrients with this little treat alone.

5. Guacamole is the healthiest and most unforgettable dip. Whether you are doing it at a restaurant or at home, you can always make guacamole and enjoy a tasty dip. Did you know that adding the avocado’s pit to guacamole doesn’t necessarily keep it fresh and green for longer? Rather, you should add a lot of lemon juice and lime. A lot of exposure to oxygen will turn the guacamole brown but the acidity in lime and lemon juice will slow down the oxidation process.

6. Have you ever heard of avocado oil and how it’s beneficial to your body? It is pressed from the fruit and can be used in cooking to guarantee benefits such as reducing the risk of heart disease, cancer and slowing down ageing. Researchers in Mexico have identified that avocado oil contains the right ingredients to fight rogue oxygen molecules that might destroy DNA, proteins or cell membranes.

7. Avocados are an amazing source of fibre. Are you tired of eating other sources of fibre such as beans? You should get your source of fibre from avocados. They contain a high amount of insoluble fibre and a smaller amount of soluble to help speed up the digestion process and make you feel full.

8. Avocados assist your body with absorbing nutrients from food. When eaten with other foods such as salads, the body absorbs food faster. That’s because avocados contain mono-saturated fats that allow the body to absorb nutrients better.

9. Avocados are a great butter substitute when preparing healthy baked goods. If you want to start eating healthy you can swap butter for avocados in your baked goods. Imagine eating banana bread or cookies made out of avocado.

10. Avocados contain a lot of potassium and magnesium that help reduce blood pressure. The content is higher than other fruits such as strawberries, kiwi or banana.

Try avocados today for these and many more benefits!