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Choosing Perfect Kids Computer Desk, Follow These 5 Tips

Your kids definitely need their own desk for them to study and do their homework. The desk you need can be used for your kids to do assignments, play games on a laptop, or so on.

Then, how to choose the right table and suitable for my kids? That’s right, for our kids, we can’t choose things recklessly. Apart from the safety side, we also have to think about the beauty side so that our kids can be enthusiastic about learning.

Pexels/Julia M Cameron

Well, we will show you tips and tricks on how to choose perfect kids computer desk!

Pay attention to the function that will be presented by the table later. Make sure your kids understand what each drawer and side of the table is for.

The ergonomics of space.
Like their parents, our kids must need a kids computer desk or basically a desk where it fits and suitable with their anatomy. Do not buy a table that is too high and too narrow for your child. Make sure when using the computer, the distance of the hands, eyes, and body to the table is appropriate so that it will not damage his posture. Try to look at this ergonomic desks on amazon.

Fit your furniture
Make sure the table is following their preferred design or your child’s favorite color. Different colors can reduce your kids’ enthusiasm for learning or even don’t want to use the table that has been bought for them.

Size is everything
In response to tip number one, measure the height of your kids and choose a table with the right height so that your kids are comfortable and don’t get sick.

Make sure the place where he keeps scissors and sharp objects is far away and won’t fall on his hands while working. For this, choose a kids computer desk with a storage space that has a cover, so your child’s belongings can be safer from their reach.

Those are 5 tips for choosing a kids computer desk that parents can follow. Our children can become children who are more enthusiastic about going to school with a computer desk that suits them. Also consider buying this affordable laptop for your kids.

Check this video from Howcast below to learn more about how to choose a kids’ computer.

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Android Tips and Tricks You Should Know,  Whether you’re new to Android and excited to try out every available option you see on the screen, or want to become familiar with the system, including the annoyances that annoy you every day, tips and tricks for exploring your system. Here I try to help you to try out android.

In this post, I feature 10 useful Android tips and tricks that can improve your experience while using your Android device. Note that the steps may vary slightly from one Android phone to another due to differences in build and OS versions, but if you want to play around it can’t hurt, because the method doesn’t really make much of a difference.
Android Tips and Tricks

Android Tips and Tricks You Should Know !! | jnewsonline.com

Android Tips and Tricks You Should Know

1. Disable App Notifications

Annoyed by annoying apps notifications that keep popping up? In case you didn’t know, these app notifications also drain your phone’s battery. If you want to turn it off, here’s how: On each unwanted notification in your notification bar, long press on the notification for the message box to appear. Tap App Info > Show Off Notifications > OK.

2. Disable Cellular Data

Whenever you don’t need to stay connected to the internet, disabling Cellular Data can help keep your smartphone battery from draining quickly. Turn off cellular data how to: Go to Settings > Data Usage. Disable Cellular data by changing the setting from ON to OFF.

3. Disable Animation

Here’s a tip on how to make your Android device run more smoothly: disable animations. You should have access to Developer Options which can be found under Settings or About device.

4. Changing the Default Application

If you’ve set some default apps for a specific task (e.g. using Chrome to open web links) but want to change this: Go to Settings > Applications. Swipe right and look for the All tab. Select the app you want to remove as default. Tap on Clear defaults. there are still many tips and tricks for android that are useful for us, this is a little summary of tips and tricks on android, hopefully it will be useful for all of us.
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Introducing Computers for Kids: 6 Tips You Can't Forget
Introducing Computers for Kids | freepik/tirachardz

Introducing Computers for Kids

Electronic devices have become an important object for our kids now. Using the same gadgets as us, seems to have become an unavoidable phenomenon. To prevent our kids from falling into bad things when out of our control, we must apply some rules to our kids.

In the following we have summarized some tips you must consider before introducing computers for kids:

• Create limits to play gadgets such as time limitation

Limitations in the form of time can usually prevent your kids from being addicted to gadgets. The younger they are, the less they can play with gadgets. Starting from a few minutes, and the more he needs gadgets, the time limit is added.

• Always remind to take a rest

Bad posture and bad eyesight will certainly haunt your kids if they play gadgets too often. Therefore, always remind them to pause and stretch.

Computers for Kids | Freepik/pch.vector

• Enable internet filters

Even computer for kids can be a little bit dangerous sometimes. Internet filters are very important to help your kids avoid opening sites that are not good for their age, they can also prevent pop-ads from appearing on certain sites.

• Teach about internet safety

Not sharing personal information publicly is one thing that must be taught to children. In addition, avoiding clicks on pop-ups must also be emphasized because not only dangerous sites, viruses can also attack your computers, not limited to computers for kids.

• Teach ‘gentle hands’

Not slamming and not hitting are very important taught to make your gadget more durable in the hands of your kids.

Kids using computer | pexels/Edward Jenner

• Use virus protection software

In addition to avoiding pop-ads, you should also install virus protection software on your computers to prevent viruses from attacking your computer. Learn more about parental control apps here.

Those are some tips and reminders from us for those of you who want your kids to learn and have activities using the computer. Make sure to be safe and think thoroughly before introducing computers for kids.

But not least important, when should I buy computers for kids?

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how to print from android

If you want to know how to print from android phone, follow these steps so you can print your documents or photos from anywhere!

Your laptop having trouble as you wish to print your essays that due to Monday? In some cases that unlucky day would occur once in a while. Okay? So, what we do now? Well, fret not! You can always do these steps on how to print from android phone.

But, how?

Now you can follow these actions listed below to understand how to print from android phone.

Using Starprint

StarPrint is an application for android that can be used to print documents by means of cellphone to different printer brand names. You can use this application as a linking medium from your Android phone to the printer.

how to print from android phone using starprint

StarPrint on APKPure

How to print documents with StarPrint app from your android phone:
– Install the StarPrint app through APKPure.
– Connect the Android phone to the printer using a USB or OTG cable.
– Then open the StarPrint app.
– Specify the kind of document you want to print.
– On the print sneak peek page, set the paper size and more.
– Also set the number of sheets of documents you wish to print.
– When all settings are complete, press the print button
– Just await the printer to complete printing.
– If the printer is not detected on your mobile phone, then try to exit the application first. Then reopen the StarPrint app.

But if it still doesn’t work, examine the part of your USB or OTG cable television whether it’s still working correctly or not.

Using NokoPrint

Want to print documents or pictures through your android phone without using a cable connection? The NokoPrint app is the answer. This application is rather popular and has actually proven to be rather reliable for printing documents from HP to all printer brand names.

StarPrint on PlayStore

How to print from android phone without cable USB using NokoPrint:
– Install NokoPrint app from playstore.
– Open the app then connect through wifi or bluetooth.
– Select the type of document, picture or websites.
– Set the position and page in the Preview section.
– Then simply push Print to start printing.
– Wait for the print procedure to complete printing.
If you fail to link the cellphone to the printer using a wireless wifi or bluetooth connection. Then attempt using the OTG cable USB.

Although the size of this application is less than 4 MB, the functions offered are extremely useful to make it much easier to print documents. This application has been set up more than 500 thousand by android users.

Well, those are some easiest ways answering how to print from android phone so you can print your desired documents or photo from anywhere. Hope this can help you print easier. 

If you’re looking for printers that is recommended to use from android, see our recommendations for portable printers


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