Now nearly every person has a smart device, it can be stated that mostly all Indonesian individuals have mobile phones. With this information, it can be wrapped up that the Indonesian individuals will certainly conserve a great deal of documents in the kind of pictures, workplace information, call numbers as well as various other vital information. Yet suppose unexpectedly your Smartphone is shed? Do not stress and also do not stress due to the fact that Google launched an apps called Android Device Manager.

Find Phones With Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager | belumlama.com


What is Android Device Manager?


Android Device Manager is just one of the google solutions developed to assist you if your android Smartphone is shed like the iphone one called Find my apple iphone, so it can locate the area of your shed Smartphone. yet Android Device Manager can not do points like:

1. Control the mobile phone from another location.

2. Seeking a Smartphone that is off.

3. Recover shed Smartphone information.

4. Try to find Smartphones that have actually been manufacturing facility reset.


Just how to utilize Android Device Manager


Prior to carrying out the actions listed below ensure your mobile phone is switched on and also attached to the Internet, due to the fact that Google needs an Internet link for this solution, yet if your mobile phone does not have an information strategy or is not linked to the Internet, Google will right away secure your smart device if the developer of the smart device you are gotten in touch with an Internet link.

Via Web Browser

Very first look for Android Device Manager on your web browser, afterwards you need to go into the Google Account that is linked to your shed Smartphones.

Android Device Manager
How to Find Smartphone, With the Android Device Manager | joyofandroid.com

A screen like the one above will certainly show up and also there you will certainly see your Smartphone that you intend to look for and also there are a number of commands like the one we provided above.

To ensure that is among the actions you require to understand as well as take if your mobile phone is shed or you fail to remember to place your mobile phone. Ideally this details works for everybody

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Android Tips and Tricks You Should Know,  Whether you’re new to Android and excited to try out every available option you see on the screen, or want to become familiar with the system, including the annoyances that annoy you every day, tips and tricks for exploring your system. Here I try to help you to try out android.

In this post, I feature 10 useful Android tips and tricks that can improve your experience while using your Android device. Note that the steps may vary slightly from one Android phone to another due to differences in build and OS versions, but if you want to play around it can’t hurt, because the method doesn’t really make much of a difference.
Android Tips and Tricks

Android Tips and Tricks You Should Know !! | jnewsonline.com

Android Tips and Tricks You Should Know

1. Disable App Notifications

Annoyed by annoying apps notifications that keep popping up? In case you didn’t know, these app notifications also drain your phone’s battery. If you want to turn it off, here’s how: On each unwanted notification in your notification bar, long press on the notification for the message box to appear. Tap App Info > Show Off Notifications > OK.

2. Disable Cellular Data

Whenever you don’t need to stay connected to the internet, disabling Cellular Data can help keep your smartphone battery from draining quickly. Turn off cellular data how to: Go to Settings > Data Usage. Disable Cellular data by changing the setting from ON to OFF.

3. Disable Animation

Here’s a tip on how to make your Android device run more smoothly: disable animations. You should have access to Developer Options which can be found under Settings or About device.

4. Changing the Default Application

If you’ve set some default apps for a specific task (e.g. using Chrome to open web links) but want to change this: Go to Settings > Applications. Swipe right and look for the All tab. Select the app you want to remove as default. Tap on Clear defaults. there are still many tips and tricks for android that are useful for us, this is a little summary of tips and tricks on android, hopefully it will be useful for all of us.
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How to use Find My Device App

Have you ever lost or forgotten to put your cellphone and had trouble finding it? Actually, you can find out the position of the cellphone with Find My Device, you know. How to?

Find My Device App is a service offered by Google to track lost Android phones and tablets. Not only tracking a lost cellphone, this service also has additional features that can secure the device from nosy hands.

Conditions for Activating Find My Device

Before starting to find the position of a lost cellphone using Find My Device, you need to meet the requirements quoted from the following Google Support page:

1. Make sure the HP is active

2. Make sure the device is connected to a Google account and connected to mobile data or Wi-Fi

3. Visible on Google Play

4. GPS feature or active location

5. Find My Device service is active

After all the conditions above are met, then you can use the Find My Device feature on your cellphone or PC.

How to Use Find My Device App

How to use Find My Device App | Suara.com
How to use Find My Device App | Suara.com

Before starting to search for a lost cellphone with Find My Device, make sure the owner’s Google account must match the Google account registered on the lost phone. Then do the following steps:

1. Open Play Store

2. Download and install the Find My Device application

3. If it is already installed, open the Find My Device application

4. Enter the Google account registered on the lost cellphone

5. After successfully logging in, there will be a location display or maps

To find out the detailed position of the HP, you can take the next step by selecting the option below to secure it.

– Play sound or sound a ringtone.

The lost phone will vibrate and ring at maximum volume for up to five minutes. How to activate it, just select the play sound feature, then the cellphone will automatically ring.

– Lock or lock the phone

You can also lock HP automatically. This can prevent people who might find your cellphone from being able to access it. How to activate it, just select lock then enter the new password twice and then input the number that can be contacted when the cellphone is found.

– Erase or erase.

If you are too worried because important files on your cellphone are missing, you can delete all data manually from Find My Device.

With this feature, the data contained in the lost cellphone will be automatically deleted, ranging from photos, videos to applications. If the HP condition is off, then the erase feature will function after the HP is turned on again.

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Difference Between Symbol and Emoji

Symbol and Emoji, If in the past the main function of the keyboard was only for typing, who would have thought that gradually this basic feature could help show its prengguna expression. If you are a former BBM user, of course you remember how long it feels just to assemble cool symbols before sending them. Now just one touch, emoticons can immediately appear and be sent.

Although symbols and emoji are two different things, their function is the same. That is to make conversations via chat more interesting. The proliferation of various funny emoji applications has also become one of the driving factors for the development of today’s keyboards. Just click, many emoji options to choose from.

symbol and emoji

Use This Cool Symbol and Emoji Application, Let Chats Become More Fun | freepik.com

FancyKey Keyboard

The first keyboard app to try is FancyKey Keyboard. Bringing a variety of interesting features such as a choice of emoticons, themes, fonts, and power-saving modes, it’s only natural that these apps become one of the favorites of young people who like social media.

To customize, just press the Fancy logo in the top left corner > cool fonts. Here you can set various writing styles according to your needs. Interested in becoming one of the FancyKey Keyboard users? Immediately download the emoji keyboard application on the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

iMore Keyboard

Comes with a simple display, it’s no wonder that iMore Keyboard is easy to make users fall in love with. Smartphones with older Androids can also experience its features. Not inferior to similar applications, these apps are also equipped with a variety of cool features.

You can set themes, symbol and emoji, and change the font type to be even more unique. To activate cool symbols and emoji, simply open the top left of your keyboard, select Cool Font, just select the type of writing you want.

Go Keyboard

If you are an old Android user in the 2010 era, you must be familiar with this cool symbol and emoji application. How not, Go Keyboard downloads have been recorded to have reached more than 100 million times. That is, this one app is one of the most popular among Android users.

In short, this popular keyboard application can make the default keyboard look even more attractive. There are 1,600 emoticons that can be stocked when chatting with friends. Want to be even more interesting? Take advantage of GIFs, stickers, and set fonts to make your text stand out from the rest.

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How to find hidden apps on iPhone via Settings, Some time ago you hid apps on your iPhone because maybe they were too dangerous for your son but now you are looking for a solution to make them visible again and be able to access them without any problem. At ChimeraRevo We have decided to create a guide where we show you the steps to find how to find hidden apps on iPhone simply and immediately.

How to find hidden apps on iPhone via Settings

Apple implemented a function that allows you to enforce restrictions on the use of some apps. It’s called Screen time in iOS 12 and later and Restrictions in iOS 11 and earlier.

However, before revealing the specific steps to follow, we would like to clarify that it is necessary to enter a set of codes during the locking phase so that you can see the hidden software again.

How to Find Hidden Apps On Iphone
How to find hidden apps on iPhone | freepik.com

If your Iphone is equipped with iOS 12 or later, you should take advantage of screen time. Let’s find out how to use them together:

1. Open the configuration by pressing the icon button from the settings on the iOS home screen then select Use time on the screen that appears.

2. At this point, select Apps restrictions if you want to unlock the entire category of apps and enter the PIN Code configured during the lock phase.

3. On the next screen, click the category you want to re-enable (for example, Social networks ) and then tap Remove bottom restriction twice in a row. Do the same with the other categories.

4. On the other hand, if you want to unblock a specific application, select the item Allowed always in place of restrictions from the application which you will always find on the Screen usage time.

When you’re done, find the apps to open in the Select apps section and touch + next to each app to add it to the list of whitelisted apps.

In case it’s an app from Apple’s integrated system, you have to select Allowed apps on the next screen. At this point, enable previously disabled apps by simply pressing the toggle button corresponding to the side of each name.

If you have iOS 11 or earlier version installed on your iPhone, then you should take advantage of Restrictions, always available in Apple operating system configuration.

Having said that, let’s see how to proceed:

1. Open IOS settings by pressing on the gear icon then select general.

2. In the next step, tap Restrictions and enter the previously configured PIN Code.

3. At this point, first hit Apps and then Allow all apps if you only want to unlock previously locked apps or hit Disable restrictions button if you want to completely remove the restrictions set above.

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Best Free Video Editing Apps For iPhone, Various smartphone vendors are also competing to present smart phones with qualified camera specifications to attract their potential customers. Call it the Iphone which is aggressively releasing smart phones with the IOS operating system with specifications and camera resolutions that are not kidding. Of course the gadget mania will be spoiled with the quality of the photos and videos that will be produced later.

Not infrequently if the iPhone is still used as a mainstay for photography enthusiasts to shoot pictures or record video. Talking about recording videos, there are tons of video editing apps on the App Store that are offered for iPhone users who want to polish their recorded videos. There are many kinds of these applications. There are free and paid ones, which of course have more complete features than free video editing applications.

One of the drawbacks of the free version of the video editing application on the iPhone is that there is a watermark that cannot be removed. To remove the watermark, you are required to upgrade to the paid version of the video editing application. For some people, the presence of a watermark will reduce the aesthetics of the resulting video.

4 Best Free Video Editing Apps For iPhone. Without Watermark


This is a video editing application for iPhone without a watermark that you can download for free.

 Best Free Video Editing Apps For iPhone
4 Best Free Video Editing Apps For iPhone. Without Watermark | Freepik.com

1. Filmora Go – Free Video Editor

In the first place, we have Filmora Go – Free Video Editor as a reference for a free video editing application without a watermark that you can install on your favorite iPhone. One of the advantages of Filmora Go – Free Video Editor is that the video you edit looks good and smooth and of course there is no watermark in the final editing result.

2. Adobe Premiere Clip

What’s interesting about Adobe Premiere Clip is that you can increase the audio quality of the video up to 3 times. Other features such as filters, transition effects, and music effects are also not spared from Adobe Premiere Clip. Of course, you will not find a watermark in this application.

3. Viva Video Pro HD Video Editor

Viva Video Pro HD Video Editor is often relied on for video editing because of its complete and free features. One of the advantages of Viva Video Pro HD Video Editor is how smooth the application is to use.

4. InShot Video Editor

The free version of InShot Video Editor has very complete features such as changing the video size, adding the current glitch filter, to inserting additional stickers into the video which you can download first via the sticker pack provided by InShot Video Editor.

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5 Ways To Overcome iPhone Can't Update Apps

Other than the fairly expensive rate as well as various interesting functions supplied, there are various problems that apple iPhone customers often complain about. One of them is the iPhone can’t update apps. Why does this happen?

Applications not updating can be brought on by a number of things, such as a wrong Apple ID, enabled constraint features, as well as a number of other causes. Find the solution to the problem in the following Complete iPhone/ apple iPhone OS Tutorial.

5 Ways to Overcome iPhone Can’t Update Apps

1. Use the Correct Apple ID

from Apple Support

Using an Apple ID that does not match can cause a number of issues, among which is that iPhone applications can not be upgraded. Due to the fact that the Apple ID must match the ID used when you downloaded and install the application.

To verify that the Apple ID you are using is correct, comply with these steps:

  • Sign in to the App Store app using your Apple ID as well as password.
  • Tap the Updates food selection, after that pick Purchased.
  • Check if the non-updateable app remains in the list. If you do not find it, it’s likely that the app was downloaded and install making use of a various Apple ID.

2. Disabling Restrictions

Another source of iPhone apps not upgrading is because restrictions are in active setting. The Restriction function offers to limit customers from particular functions or web content, typically used by moms and dads to maintain children from accessing improper points.

To discover whether the restriction feature is active or not, comply with these directions:

  • Visit the Settings menu, then choose General.
  • Tap the Restrictions alternative, then go into a password if needed.
  • Check on the Installing Apps menu, see the placement of the slider. If it is white (off), it implies that application updates have been handicapped. Tap the slider to activate it so it’s environment-friendly.

3. Indication Out after that Sign In to Apple ID

Try logging out and after that logging back right into your Apple ID account. Often this technique functions to fix the iPhone can not update applications. This technique is very easy, however effective adequate to make the application renewable once more.

Below are the actions to take:

  • Go to the Settings food selection, then select iTunes & App Store.
  • Tap the Apple ID alternative, after that touch Sign Out on the pop-up food selection.
  • Select the Apple ID food selection once more, then Sign In using your Apple ID and password.

4. Examine Storage

Among the sources of applications not being able to upgrade is insufficient storage area. To figure out if this trouble is the cause of the apple iPhone can’t update apps, you need to examine the available storage area.

Follow the instructions below to discover the storage room on your phone:

  • Visit the Settings menu, after that pick General.
  • Tap the About option, then see the Available line.
  • You will certainly see the amount of vacuum your apple iphone storage space has.

5. Establish Date as well as Time

from pexels

Although it appears minor, setting the date and time can cause troubles on the apple iPhone, one of which is not having the ability to update apps. If the day and also time don’t match, your phone will automatically not have the ability to communicate correctly with Apple’s web servers, consisting of for application updates.

If you discover the day as well as time on your iPhone tool do not match, do the following:

  • Go to Settings, after that tap General.
  • Select Date & Time. To have the time as well as date set instantly, tap the slider up until it turns green.
  • The day and also time on the phone will certainly adjust immediately over the internet.

So that’s several tips on how to overcome iPhone can’t update apps. You might want to follow this instructions or other our iPhone tutorials.


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iPhone hotspot disappointing up is actually a rather simple problem and also is very likely to happen on iOS devices.
Not a few individuals have complained concerning the loss of individual hotspot tethering settings on their iPhone tools. Especially on the latest version of iOS devices

For those who do not actually comprehend it, of course, will certainly really feel stunned by this condition. But it turns out that this trouble can happen because of improper mobile network setups.

It might additionally be since something was lost after an iOS upgrade or when changing the SIM card. As a result of this, a message will show up to enable individual hotspot on this account, call the service provider or contact the provider.

Easy Ways to Overcome iPhone Hotspot Not Appearing
As for some ideas to raise the missing out on iPhone hotspot, among others


Iphone Hotspot Not Appearing ? See How To Solve It Below | freepik.com

Iphone Hotspot Not Appearing ? See How To Solve It Below

1. Reset Network
In this case, all network-related settings will certainly be reset later. individuals only require to go into the Settings menu.
Then do a reset on the network to ensure that all components connected to the mobile network can go back to their preliminary setups. You do this by opening the Settings food selection > General > Reset > Reset Network.
When you reset the iPhone network, you don’t need to stress over the information on the tool. The reason is, resetting iPhone network settings will not remove all information on the iPhone.

2. Cellular Data Network Settings
This method is actually no less simple than network research study. Here are some actions for setting up mobile data network:
– Open the Settings food selection or Settings
– Select Mobile
– Then select Cellular Data
– Then select Cellular Data Network
– Enter Set Up

3. Fill Up as well as Match APN
The actions you can consider these pointers are to go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Cellular Data Network.
Then you just need to fill in and also match the APN on mobile information and personal hotspot. Then you just go back, then the individual hotspot will certainly appear as well as ready for you to use.
It is necessary for you to note, for APN settings, each mobile operator is different. In this instance, you can surf or merely call your cellular driver to find out more pertaining to cellular APN setups on iPhone.

4. Reinstall iDevice
reinstall is the last way we can summarize. all the best of luck.

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iPhone image history editing and enhancing applications are required when you wish to erase or alter the background on a picture.
Each application is furnished with a variety of cool functions that are absolutely extremely useful as well as helpful in modifying picture backgrounds or images.

iPhone, Best Apps , Best iPhone Apps, Apps Photo Background Eraser

On this occasion Rancah Post has actually also summed up some of the best image history editing applications for usage on iPhone phones.

If you need to know what the application is, then you truly have to read this post to the end. Just after that pick the application that you believe is the most suitable.

4 Best iPhone Apps Photo Background Eraser

Here are several of the very best and advised picture history editing applications on apple iphone smart devices.

1. Background Eraser: lay over

As the name implies, Background Eraser enables you to rapidly as well as conveniently eliminate the background on an image. Simply do a couple of faucets, the history of the photo was effectively gotten rid of and also ended up being clear.

2. Apowersoft: Background Eraser

Apowersoft: Background Eraser is the next best background editing and enhancing application that you can depend on. With this app, you can obtain a clear history picture in a very short time.
Afterwards, you can change the image history with the supplied colors, layouts, or your very own images. In addition, this application is likewise equipped with numerous other editing attributes.

3. History Eraser -Erase Photo

In a couple of seconds this application can remove the image background as well as make it clear. No wonder, since this application made by KITE GAMES STUDIO has a selection of the most effective features that sustain the picture editing process.

4. Magic Eraser Background Editor

Simply touch the area you intend to eliminate, and also the app’s wonderful tools will certainly delete areas of the very same shade automatically.
Afterwards, you can conserve the transparent picture as needed, it can be included in logo designs, files, and also a lot more.

so you can try some reviews of the 4 Best iPhone Apps Photo Background Eraser That You Should Know, with that you can take advantage of the apps on your iPhone

( Jaka)

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