MacBook Pro 2022 Rumors, With speculation spreading out concerning Apple’s initial occasion of 2022, the Apple’s report mill is spinning away. In the Mac realm, there’s been some buzz concerning a 13-inch entry-level MacBook Pro that can come powered by a brand-new M chip.

This would certainly come on the heels of the upgraded MacBook Pro 14 as well as MacBook Pro 16 from late 2021.
Below’s every little thing we’ve heard thus far about the reported brand-new 13-inch MacBook Pro.


MacBook Pro 2022 Rumors: Could We See an M2 13-inch Version in March? | freepik.com

When will brand-new MacBook Pros be announced ?

The very first Apple occasion of 2022 is rumored for March 8, and also current rumors prefer the announcement of a freshened MacBook Pro 13.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman approximates that the 13-inch MacBook Pro, being successful the 2020 MacBook Pro, will certainly be introduced then. (Digitimes also claims a new low-end version will be coming with the occasion, however it has a blended accuracy record and also Twitter leaker @dylantk’s account has actually vanished considering that it initially posted some relevant reports.).

Gurman lately increased down on that view. It’s boosted by a current EEC filing, that includes at the very least one new laptop computer, version A2681. Keep in mind that his prognostications do not (yet) consist of a new MacBook Pro 14 or 16 for 2022.

An M2 chip?


MacBook Pro 2022 Rumors: Could We See an M2 13-inch Version in March? | quora.com

An “M2” is being bandied about as an upgrade to Apple’s first-gen M1 entry-level version, although we’ve listened to no information beyond that. AppleTrack and others have actually stated that the abovementioned specifications would certainly remove whatever that makes a MacBook Pro a “professional” design, especially because of conjecture about a revamped Air, however I differ.

If the rumored M2 macbook chip has specifications somewhere in between the M1 and also M1 Max, claim 8 cores (with 6 or 8 P cores), assistance for 32GB RAM, 14 GPU cores and no ProRes accelerator, it could offer fairly well as a less expensive Pro for low-end web content development, such as many photo editing. Not everyone is editing and enhancing video clip. Which still leaves space for a light, much less powerful Air.

Touch Bar: Yes or no?


MacBook Pro 2022 Rumors: Could We See an M2 13-inch Version in March? | HiTekno.com

According to Apple Track, a previously reliable source on Weibo indicates that the style of the new MacBook Pro 13 wouldn’t alter. If it’s real, that means the Touch Bar is staying– a choice that will not thrill everyone. It likewise implies no updated ProMotion screen.

Stay tuned for more as news streams in. To add information about technological developments that you didn’t know about

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What Are Keyboard Shortcuts On Macbooks, When I first had a Macbook, I was immediately curious about the shortcut keys on the Macbook. On the Macbook there are 4 keys that I consider special, namely fn, control, option and command. At that time I wanted to copy & paste, and confidently I used the key combination ctrl c and ctrl v, it didn’t work at all.

 It turns out that the correct one is a combination of the command c and command v buttons, I started thinking lazy about the command button as a substitute for the ctrl key on a Windows computer.

But not only that, there are many more keyboard shortcuts keys that we must know so that we can be more efficient in using our MacBook. Below are some shortcut keys that we can use on a Macbook.

keyboard shortcuts

What Are Keyboard Shortcuts On Macbooks? You Must Know This!! | freepik.com

Macbook Keyboard Shortcuts That Macbook Users Should Know

 Command W

after removing the application we are currently using. Then the shortcut option command w is used to exit all running applications.

Command Y

Often people want to see information from an item, whether it’s a file, folder or application. We can find out this information through a feature called “Quick Look” by right-clicking on the desired item, then the Quick Look option will appear. A separate method but we can summarize it by simply selecting the desired item and then pressing the command button.

 Command comma (,)

After this key combination a lot of users don’t know about it, but on Macbooks it is very useful. For example in case you are using an application for work, you want to open the Preferences menu you have to open it through the menu bar and then select the Preferences option. So we can summarize it using a key combination (Command,).

 Command M

To minimize the application that we are currently using. Option Command M we can use to minimize all applications that are running in the background.

 Command Shift A

When we are in the Finder/Desktop to open the Application folder. Or change the letter A to U to open the Utilities folder (or D desktop, H Home, I iCloud Drive).

Command Space

As a keyboard shortcuts to search all files, folders, applications and even history in the browser, we can also search.

 Command L

To enter a search in the Safari Browser. With this button we can directly type the address bar safari.

 Command Tab

Open the application switcher. which can move – switch the currently open application window.

 Command Option D

Combination for Hide/Show Docker.

FN Arrow Right/Left

To scroll to the bottom / top of the website page. We can also use the Command key combination up/down arrows.

Command Arrow Right/Left

Command Left Arrow on the browser to return to the previous page. Command Right Arrow to advance 1 page.

Control Tab

To switch tabs to the right in the browser. Or use Control Shift Tab to move tabs to the left of the browser.

 Command Shift

To view all open tabs in safari browser.

Option Shift Volume

To increase or decrease the volume. You can also use Option Shift to decrease or increase the screen brightness.

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