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The best iPhone apps will probably be the thing you are looking for the most if you have a smartphone with this exclusive status.

Yes, the price is relatively expensive, making some people want to maximize the performance of their HP iPhone with the help of some of the best apps that may even be only available for the iOS platform.

However, unfortunately not all users managed to find the best apps they hoped for. Moreover, the popularity of Android applications is undeniably more popular because of the larger number of users.


Here We Have Recomendation Best and Free Apps.

best and free apps
The Best and Free iPhone Apps | Freepik.com

1. Marco Polo Stay In Touch

Combines chat, social media, and video chat features in one application. This application can record videos and send them wherever and whenever you want.

2. Phytocracy

One of the fitness applications that can help users form a healthy lifestyle in a fun way, Fitocracy is perfect for you sports lovers.

3. Note

Noted is a fully integrated audio recording and note-taking application that makes it easier for you to take notes on important things in meetings, interviews, or conferences.

4. Vectornator: Design Software

As the name implies, Vectornator is a vector graphic design application that allows you to design anything you want.

5. Darkroom: Photo & Video Editor

Named the Editor’s Choice application on the App Store, Darkroom offers a number of interesting features that can make it easier for users to edit photos even if they don’t have photo editing skills.

6. CARROT Weather

CARROT Weather is the best weather forecast application that is not only equipped with a very attractive user interface, but the information contained in it is quite complete and accurate.

Those are some of the best and free apps for you, which you must have on your iPhone. Hope it is useful

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Exactly How To Group Apps And Create Folders On Iphone. For Those Of You Who Don’t Know

Producing folders on your iPhone is the most ideal means to clean up the untidy search your home display. Organizing the exact same apps together can additionally make it easier for you to utilize your phone – if all of your songs applications remain in the very same location, you will not need to search every folder or search on your phone simply when you intended to use them.


How To Group Apps And Create Folders On Iphone. You All Should Know This !! | freepik.com

How To Group Apps And Create Folders On Iphone. You All Should Know This !!

In fact the approach to produce a folder can not be discussed thoroughly, due to the fact that there is no switch. Once you learn this basic technique, you will surely find it simple it on your iPhone

Creating Folders as well as Grouping Apps on iPhone.

  • To create a folder, you need a minimum of two applications to place in the folder. Please look for both applications you want to utilize
  • Press as well as hold an app till all the applications on the display start to vibrate (this is the same procedure you use to reset applications again.).
  • Drag one application to an additional. When the very first application appears to join the 2nd, remove your finger from the display. This will certainly develop a folder.
  • What you see following will certainly be different relying on what variation of iphone you are running. On iOS 7 as well as up, folders and also names are suggested at the top of the screen. In iphone 4-6, you’ll see both apps and the name for the folder in a tiny strip on the screen.
  • You can modify the present (or later) folder name by touching the name as well as using the on-screen keyboard.
  • If you intend to add more applications to the folder, press the wallpaper to lessen the folder and after that drag even more applications right into the new folder.
  • When you have actually included all the apps you want and the names have actually been modified, click the Home switch on the front facility of the apple iphone and the adjustments will certainly be saved (much like when rearranging icons).
  • To edit an existing folder, press and also hang on the folder until it starts moving.
  • Press a 2nd time and also the contents of the folder will fill up the screen.
  • Change the folder name by pressing on the message.
  • Add even more applications by dragging them.
  • Click the Home button to save adjustments.

( Jaka).

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13 Snapseed Features as The Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone

It is common knowledge that every photo that you catch using your iPhone, can be polished. improved. All you need is the right photo editing app.

And one of the choices of best photo editing apps for iPhone is Snapseed.

Certainly, speaking about photo editing applications, Lightroom and Photoshop are more popular.

It’s simply that, if you want an application that is simpler to use, attempt installing Snapseed. You can apply all the complex features in simpler actions.

Snapseed ends up being the best option of editing photo app from million iPhone users due to its user-friendly interface and its easiness to use.

Furthermore, Snapseed does not have actually paid features so users don’t need to pay more for their perk features.

Snapseed functions as one of the best photo editing apps for iPhone

    • Looks: customized filters by your own or design template
    • Tune Image: consists of three standard photo modifying features, for example, brightness, contrast, and saturation.
    • Brightness: straight adjust brightness by reducing or increasing levels. Just move the control panel to the right or left.
    • Contrast: increases or decreases the difference between the darkest and lightest parts of the image.
    • Saturation: Increasing saturation makes colors brighter. Utilize this menu to create an image that looks popular.

13 Snapseed Features as The Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone

    • Ambience: You can utilize Ambience to change saturation and brightness at the same time.
    • Highlights: Highlights assist you change the intensity of brightness in one area of the photo. So, if the image is too brilliant, you can reduce the highlights.
    • Shadows: Functions the like Highlights but for the darkest areas of the image.
    • Warmth: Warmth adds either a warm orange or a cool blue covering the whole image. Using this tool, you can instantly turn a clear sky blue
    • Details: structure and honing to hone your photo.
    • Grainy film filter: to five rough seek to your photo as a vintage effect
    • Perspective: to control viewpoint on your photo so it will look more balanced.
    • White balance:
      Temperature: to manage the photo to look warmer or cooler
      Tint: to include greenish or reddish color to the photo

Well, that’s a description of how to edit photos on the very best photo editing apps for iPhone, Snapseed to make your photo prettier and fit more to your aesthetic.

So, for those of you who have just installed this application, you can right away practice the steps above.

Or if you want to look at other photo editing apps for iPhone, we’d recommend you to try these apps.


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5 Definitely Work! Life Hacks for School Students

Choosing the best video editing apps for iPhone is important.

A lot of people enjoy the editing video activity nowadays. Especially making videos that will be included on social media. There are also people who edit videos that can be used as portfolios for their careers or businesses. There are several applications that can support this video editing activity. But for those of you who are Apple product users, there is already an exclusive application from Apple that you can use.

What are those? Let’s see below to know top 5 of best video editing apps for iPhone.

  1. iMovie

iMovie on Apple Store

iMovie is one of the most popular video editing apps for Apple users. Equipped with various themes, this application is also very easy for you to rely on in video editing. You can download the app right now from Apple Store. 

  1. Magisto
magisto app on apple store

Magisto on Apple Store

Having many effects and transitions makes Magisto included in this top 5 best video editing apps for iPhone. For those of you who need to edit videos quickly, Magisto can be your number one choice. Check other features from its official site

  1. Splice
the best video editing apps for iPhone

Splice on Apple Store

Uploading photos with outward filters is normal, but making videos with cinematic effects will certainly make your social media accounts stand out. Immediately download the Splice application for video editing with professional results. Just like using a desktop application, you can cut clips, add motion effects and filters, and add back sound. The finished video can be directly uploaded to various social media accounts. Just wait for how many likes are intended for your video creations!

We explain more about the best video editing apps for iPhone: Splice features on this article!

  1. Adobe Premiere Rush for Video

Adobe Premiere Rush on Apple Store

One of the best video editing applications from Adobe itself is a mobile version of Adobe Premiere Pro. Can be used to edit videos anytime and anywhere armed with your favorite gadget, this application is quite easy to operate by beginners. Before using this application, you must first create an account. Later, add various video editing features manually or use automatic options.

  1. LumaFusion

LumaFusion on Apple Store

LumaFusion is a feature-packed iPhone video editing app that allows you to adjust and color correct videos. With LumaFusion, you can add color effects, styles, blurs, pixel effects, and distortions to create a variety of effects.

By knowing the various types, especially top 5 of best video editing apps for iPhone, of course you will be able to decide which one is suitable for you to use. 

You can adjust it according to your editing skills and needs. These various options certainly have advantages and disadvantages that you can consider. Ready to edit your own video?

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the best video editing apps for iPhone

What is the best video editing apps for iPhone and why is it Splice?

Splice is a FREE iPhone video editing app that uses a watermark-free screen. We acknowledge this application as one of the best editing video apps for iPhone due to its appeal. Later, this application is equipped with more complex features and requires manual user input.

This application promises editing features that are similar to desktop applications, but with an interface that is easy to browse as well as effective like other mobile apps.

Splice allows you to cut clips, change shifts, include slow motion results, sync video, use filters and more.

the best video editing apps for iPhone

Splice App on Apple Store

Splice Features

– Adding Backsound

If other applications can just include 1 backsound sound or song, then this Splice App has the ability to provide more than 1 backsound tunes. Not only that, if you want a backsound with your own voice, then it can be done and modified through this application.

– Motion Effect

Unlike other video editing applications that can only combine several videos, this application has the ability to provide good motion impact features. So that you yourself can determine the result of the motion, such as slow or fast movement in the video itself.

– Filter.

The filter feature in this best video editing apps for iPhone is able to supply lighting filters on the video that you are going to edit. So, for those of you who want to modify the lighting of your video, this application will be really proper.

– Long Duration Video Editing.

The Splice App likewise uses the convenience of editing videos of long duration. This will sound fun due to the fact that the duration of video editing is set. However, this does not apply to this one of the best video editing app for iPhone.

– Trim– Clip.

This application enables you to cut videos and combine them together with other videos.

Splice Strength and Weakness.


  • Free and easy to use.
  • Choice of impacts, audio, to various shifts.
  • Can import photos.

Weak point:.

  • Sometimes the app crashes.
  • Audio supplied is in some cases subject to copyright if submitted to YouTube.


Those are features, strengths, and weak points from the best video editing apps for iPhone, Splice. Hope this article helps you in know Splice app much better. You can download SPLICE here. Or Check our other recommendations from The Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone. 


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3 Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone You Have to Try to Make Your Photo Better

We typically experience taking a good photo that is lack of creative or visual touch hence we require to modify it more to make it more lively. Photo editing apps are made for that purpose. Here, we will give suggestion of top 3 best photo editing apps for iPhone. Have you try any of these?

best photo editing apps for iphone

Phone photography | pexels/Ketut Subiyanto

3 Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone

1. VSCOCam

VSCOCam on Apple Store

The first app we highly recommend for you to install is VSCOCam. I think this app is the very best application that is challenging to be surpassed by other similar editor applications. Numerous professionals also use it.

VSCOCam is preferred internationally. Not just amongst iPhone users, this application is also incredibly popular among Android users also. The functions are fairly total for mobile phone applications.

There are many choices in this application that you can be used to take full advantage of pictures, modification color, saturation, include aspects, and various other fascinating things. You can also combine one or two photos concurrently with the trace feature in it.

VSCOCam is made by one of the world’s best App developers, Visual Supply Company. To install it on your iPhone you must have at least an iOS 12.0 or later.

The file size of this one application is rather big, 154.8 MB. But of course, its function is comparable to its score which has reached 4.4.

2. Snapseed

SnapSeed on Apple Store

Another recommended best photo editing apps for iPhone is Snapseed. Has any of you ever use this one application? Much like other applications, the Snapseed app is also incredibly popular among android users in addition to iPhone users.

This application was released directly by the giant innovation company, Google LLC. You can download the application totally free in both the App Store and Playstore. With this application, you can produce the effect of a much sharper image.

There are also lots of filters that you can pick from in this SnapSeed application. Of course, these filters can make your image a lot more leverage. To install it, you should have a minimum OS of iOS 10.0 or later on. The file size is likewise relatively small, only 95.8 MB.

3. PicsArt

PicsArt on Apple Store

Other photo editing apps for iPhone that is no less popular amongst users, one of them is PicsArt. This application made by PicsArt Inc has actually been picked because of its extremely user friendly user interface, and has many advanced functions in it.

You can erase and change photo backgrounds quickly utilizing this one application. You can even make pictures transparent but still sensible by utilizing them. The effects in it can also make your photos much more interesting to look at.

This application is widely used by stars in countries around the world. To install it the minimal iPhone OS you must have is iOS 11.0 or later. The file size of this application is rather large, 153.5 MB. On the AppStore, the rating has actually reached 4.7.

So those are top 3 photo editing apps for iPhone that you can use for better photos on your instagram page. For video editing apps, we recommend you to check on this page. 


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