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Best Free Video Editing Apps For iPhone, Various smartphone vendors are also competing to present smart phones with qualified camera specifications to attract their potential customers. Call it the Iphone which is aggressively releasing smart phones with the IOS operating system with specifications and camera resolutions that are not kidding. Of course the gadget mania will be spoiled with the quality of the photos and videos that will be produced later.

Not infrequently if the iPhone is still used as a mainstay for photography enthusiasts to shoot pictures or record video. Talking about recording videos, there are tons of video editing apps on the App Store that are offered for iPhone users who want to polish their recorded videos. There are many kinds of these applications. There are free and paid ones, which of course have more complete features than free video editing applications.

One of the drawbacks of the free version of the video editing application on the iPhone is that there is a watermark that cannot be removed. To remove the watermark, you are required to upgrade to the paid version of the video editing application. For some people, the presence of a watermark will reduce the aesthetics of the resulting video.

4 Best Free Video Editing Apps For iPhone. Without Watermark


This is a video editing application for iPhone without a watermark that you can download for free.

 Best Free Video Editing Apps For iPhone
4 Best Free Video Editing Apps For iPhone. Without Watermark | Freepik.com

1. Filmora Go – Free Video Editor

In the first place, we have Filmora Go – Free Video Editor as a reference for a free video editing application without a watermark that you can install on your favorite iPhone. One of the advantages of Filmora Go – Free Video Editor is that the video you edit looks good and smooth and of course there is no watermark in the final editing result.

2. Adobe Premiere Clip

What’s interesting about Adobe Premiere Clip is that you can increase the audio quality of the video up to 3 times. Other features such as filters, transition effects, and music effects are also not spared from Adobe Premiere Clip. Of course, you will not find a watermark in this application.

3. Viva Video Pro HD Video Editor

Viva Video Pro HD Video Editor is often relied on for video editing because of its complete and free features. One of the advantages of Viva Video Pro HD Video Editor is how smooth the application is to use.

4. InShot Video Editor

The free version of InShot Video Editor has very complete features such as changing the video size, adding the current glitch filter, to inserting additional stickers into the video which you can download first via the sticker pack provided by InShot Video Editor.

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The best iPhone apps will probably be the thing you are looking for the most if you have a smartphone with this exclusive status.

Yes, the price is relatively expensive, making some people want to maximize the performance of their HP iPhone with the help of some of the best apps that may even be only available for the iOS platform.

However, unfortunately not all users managed to find the best apps they hoped for. Moreover, the popularity of Android applications is undeniably more popular because of the larger number of users.


Here We Have Recomendation Best and Free Apps.

best and free apps
The Best and Free iPhone Apps | Freepik.com

1. Marco Polo Stay In Touch

Combines chat, social media, and video chat features in one application. This application can record videos and send them wherever and whenever you want.

2. Phytocracy

One of the fitness applications that can help users form a healthy lifestyle in a fun way, Fitocracy is perfect for you sports lovers.

3. Note

Noted is a fully integrated audio recording and note-taking application that makes it easier for you to take notes on important things in meetings, interviews, or conferences.

4. Vectornator: Design Software

As the name implies, Vectornator is a vector graphic design application that allows you to design anything you want.

5. Darkroom: Photo & Video Editor

Named the Editor’s Choice application on the App Store, Darkroom offers a number of interesting features that can make it easier for users to edit photos even if they don’t have photo editing skills.

6. CARROT Weather

CARROT Weather is the best weather forecast application that is not only equipped with a very attractive user interface, but the information contained in it is quite complete and accurate.

Those are some of the best and free apps for you, which you must have on your iPhone. Hope it is useful

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best weight loss apps

Who among you are browsing looking for the best app for weight loss?

You may feel tired that you have actually attempted numerous methods to slim down, however have actually not succeeded. It may be that you are not keeping track of development in slimming down. On average, people are puzzled regarding exactly how to monitor it, so they just use the scales as a way of determining success or failing in dropping weight.

Idleness likewise comes when you have to tape progress on your computer system or notebook. Possibly, you are asking yourself if there is an application on your mobile phone that can make it easier for you to check your progression in losing weight? Quickly your inquiries will be addressed with this post about the very best weight loss apps.

The Very Best Weight loss Apps

1. Diet Assistant: Weight Loss

This Weight Loss App can be utilized by Android and iPhone customers. The score is excellent also. The attributes supplied remain in the form of a forum to share concepts about diet regimen suggestions with various other individuals. You can also make a wish list about your diet plan, this will make you have a clear strategy pertaining to the food for the following few days in your diet plan program.

Additionally you can submit pictures of your progress, to make sure that you are much more determined to make progression in slimming down. You can additionally compute your BMI (body mass index). You are also provided information on numerous diet regimen categories such as vegetarian, pescatarian, reduced GI, high protein, healthy. Some customers confess that they handled to change their food menu with a healthier one after using this application.

2. Second Best Weight Loss App – Loose it!

The tagline of this application is ‘Loose it! Break it!’. In this application, you can send out an image of your food, after that you will obtain a calorie computation as well as dietary information via that picture. You can likewise establish your everyday spending plan, objectives and nutrition (carbs, fat, healthy protein). You can make use of The Exactly how attribute– a function that supplies nutritional info as well as physical fitness programs. Or, you can also take on your friends to do particular things to reduce weight, to ensure that you are extra encouraged to finish your obstacles!

3. Diet Point: Weight Loss

The functions used by this application are greater than 130 total diet regimen strategies. You can likewise utilize pointers for your treat times. Or, you can use the 500 ideas attribute for your weight loss strategy.

4. Noom Coach: Health & Wight

This is no ordinary diet plan app, as the Noom application complies with the concept of an anti-diet application. This app was created to maintain your weight management, by aiding to create healthy behaviors that last.

The functions offered are different training programs developed by medical professionals. On top of that, this application is also developed to handle chronic conditions such as diabetic issues and high blood pressure. Noom Coach offers a straightforward everyday plan to follow. You can additionally document what you’ve found out, as well as you can get support from a group that is on the same trip. Its users state that they are greatly assisted by the dietary details provided.

So that’s the very best weight loss apps that you can do at home. You can try numerous applications and also select the one that suits you finest.

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snapseed vs picsart

There are various photo editing applications that can be used to beautify the pictures you have actually taken on your iPhone. However, what is the best? The best and most convenient to use?

Picsart App and Snapseed App

Here we will reveal you 2 picture modifying apps that you can use on your iPhone, specifically PicsArt and Snapseed. You can see on your own the distinction between the two and figure out which one is better to support your pictures.

PicsArt App features

PicsArt offers numerous features. Among them is to add a filter. PicsArt App provides 10 categories with lots of filters in them, including altering lighting and blur effects. The strength of this filter can likewise be changed just by moving the cursor to the right and to the left.

Snapseed Apps vs Picsart App

Choose Your Best Photo Editing Apps On Your Iphone

Besides that, another good idea that PicsArt App provides as the best image editing application for iPhone is that it provides a sticker feature. With this feature, users can add images that have removed the background directly to their photos.

One more thing that makes PicsArt App superior is the text feature that makes it simple for us to include text to beautify our images.

picsart app vs snapseed app

Best Photo Editing Apps?

Snapseed App features

Snapseed, as the best picture modifying application for iPhone, provides expert modifying approaches that include coloring, lighting, and lens blur, and others. Among the advantages of Snapseed is that it offers layers for editing our photos, like in photoshop. In this way, we can easily pick which photos are filtered and which are not.

The recovery feature is likewise one of the advantages of Snapseed that is rather prominent, where this tool is used to get rid of items that we don’t desire. People in our background can be lost with this tool.


PicsArt and Snapseed are both the best picture editing applications for iPhone users. Compared to PicsArt, Snapseed can do more professional editing. While PicsArt, can offer more options to develop user creativity.

What do you think? Which one is much better? Picsart or snapseed?

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lucky patcher apps

Sick of duplicated ads but don’t have the budget to buy the premium version? Well, there’s always a method to bypass the security of the various apps on your phone. Lucky Patcher is among them.

What is Lucky Patcher?

Lucky Patcher is an application that can assist us alter the script in an application. This application itself need to be installed on an android phone that has actually been rooted or tampered with previously. Because it can’t go through the infection scanning process on Google, this application is not friendly and can harm your phone. So, be careful when using it.

lucky patcher apps to get rid of the ads

Get Rid of The Ads With Lucky Patcher Apps

Then, how to use this application?

  • Download the APK via Lucky Patcher site. You will not discover this application on Google Play, so please download the APK version straight on the Lucky Patcher website. Remember to allow your device to set up from foreign sources so that this application can be directly installed on your device
  • Install the application into your android deviceAfter the APK is downloaded, right away install the Lucky Patcher application on your mobile phone,
  • Choose video games or application you wish to change with this Lucky Patcher
  • Lucky Patcher will show a list of applications set up on your phone. Select the one you wish to get rid of ads from.
  • Choose ‘Menu of Patches’. ‘Create Modified APK File’, and after that pick ‘Support Patch for InApp and LVL emulation’Follow the written actions to make a copy of the application you want.
  • Check ‘Support spot for LVL emulation’ and ‘Support Patch for InApp Emulation’ then click ‘Apply’
  • This last step enables you to complete and later on modify the application script
  • You can release the application!After all the Steps are done, await a while and lucky patcher will do its task. After the ‘launch’ command appears, then click on it and your new application will run instantly.

Those are the methods to run the Lucky Patcher application that can be helpful for getting rid of ads on your application. Always be careful when using foreign applications that are not registered since they can harm your phone.


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Have you lost your smartphone? and ask everyone how to find your lost smartphone?

Disaster no person recognizes. You may never assume that you will certainly wind up having an unpleasant catastrophe such as shedding your HP. Particularly on HP gadgets, there are different individual information inside. Nonetheless, don’t worry, there is a means to track a lost cellular phone with a cellphone number, for this issue.
Indeed, a telephone number, or a cell phone number, can be a savior to locate a shed cellphone. The factor is that current technical growths permit you to easily discover and locate mobile phones. So you can easily get your HP back that was previously shed.

how to find lost smartphone with phone number

Have You Lost Your Smartphone? This is How To Find it By Phone Number

Here are some means to discover a shed smart device by telephone number

1. Exactly how to Track a Lost smartphone via a mobile phone number with Maps

  • First of all, please open the Google Maps application. If you don’t have it, you can conveniently download it on the Google Play Store for free. You do this by downloading it by means of this link.
  • After opening up the Google Maps application, please get in the “Option” food selection as well as get in the “Friend List” service.
  • In the Friend List service, you can enter your cellphone number. Get in the appropriate cellular phone number, to make sure that the search procedure ends up being easier.
  • Click the telephone number and wait a couple of minutes.
  • Later info will show up relating to the current place of your cellular phone as well as you can comply with the route until you reach the area of your mobile phone.

2. How to Track Lost smartphone Via Cellphone Numbers in iSharing

  • After the download procedure is complete, you can register with the iSharing application. You can register through Facebook by clicking the “Log In Through Facebook” food selection and click “Log In Through Google” to register through your Google account.
  • For instance you intend to use Google Mail or Gmail. So, you get in the right e-mail address and follow the whole enrollment procedure properly.
  • The following stage, please get in the telephone number of your friends or family members who have this cellphone. The goal is for you to finish the registration procedure.
  • The registration process is total, and also you can access the iSharing application. In discovering a person’s area number via their cellular phone number, please pick the “Find Me” food selection in the application menu.
  • You go into a telephone number in the search field. Make certain to document the telephone number properly for the search to be effective.
  • The following action, please click “Search” and also wait a while.
  • Your HP location will certainly appear. The last step, you can comply with the area till you ultimately find your shed or swiped mobile phone.

( Jaka).

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Reading Apps,Apps

Lugging your favorite publication anywhere is sometimes a little tough, since it is heavy and uses up space. Specifically in today’s digital era, whatever has to be accessible from a cellphone.

That’s why some analysis publications are available in electronic or ebook variations, so they can be reviewed anytime and also anywhere.

You can access reading books on-line from Android and also iOS-based phones, just by downloading and install an application that provides cost-free books. Would like to know anything?

Free Online Book Reading Apps Want to review cost-free e-books from your phone? Check out the cost-free online publication analysis applications from mobile phones that we have summarized below.

Apps, Reding Apps

4 Free Online Book Apps On Smartphone

1. Google Play Books

The Google Play Books application has an audiobook function that you can listen to anytime, you understand!
Furthermore, this application additionally permits you to read picked books offline on Android, iOS, and browsers.

2. Wattpad

The complimentary online publication reading application that is incredibly popular with young people today is Wattpad.
You can not just review other people’s work, yet additionally compose stories and release them, you understand!
This Canadian-made application gives thousands of stories, ranging from love, scary, to sci-fi genres.

3. Free Books

Free Books is additionally an on-line publication reading application that can be accessed for free 100%.
This application has a collection of as much as 50,000 books in the style of literary works, fantasy, thrillers, fairytale, enigmas, to novels.
Not just that, Free Books additionally has an AudioBooks include that can review you stories with voice.


The NOOK cost-free ebook application is a have to try! This application offers 75,000 digital books that can be accessed free of charge.
Space features are extremely varied, ranging from Zoom View, Article View, bookmarks, highlights, as well as notes.
Not only that, NOOK can additionally be reached by blind customers making use of TalkBack on Android or VoiceOver on iphone.

With a review of 4 Free Online Book Apps On Smartphone you can read anywhere without going to the library

( Jaka).

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photo edit apps, editing apps

Want to Edit Your Photos? Here it is 7 Free Photo Editing Apps Today.Mobile phone users normally benefit from additional apps to improve the resulting pictures.

Especially right now of Eid like today, where there are so many mobile phone individuals that wish to upload the most effective pictures with their family members to social media.

There are a selection of image modifying applications readily available for both Android and iphone operating systems. Many applications are additionally provided absolutely free to customers.
As we understand, the iPhone is also among the brands that lugs quality most of all else.

The resolution of this smartphone is additionally very large. No surprise the photo editing  apps is one of one of the most popular apps among its users.

This time around we will certainly summarize a variety of picture editing and enhancing apps that can make your iPhone electronic camera shots look more attractive.
Below are 7 complimentart Photo editing apps for iphone as summed up by us, Tuesday

photo editing

Here it is 7 Free Photo Editing Apps | freepik.com

7 Free Photo Editing Apps !!

1. Snapseed

Who is not knowledgeable about Snapseed. Google Snapseed is one of the simple image modifying apps on Android. This application also has numerous features for its users. These attributes are practically full with shade improvement, automated contrast, to photo chopping and honing. Additionally, the user can additionally uniquely adjust the color properties according to the user’s desires. This application can be downloaded completely free on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

2. Google Photos

This image storage space application, apart from being able to keep numerous memories that are immortalized via smart phones, can additionally enhance users’ pictures. Google Photos can also save an edited version of a photo in addition to the initial. If you do not like the edit, you can cancel it if you do not want to make the adjustments. Typically this application is currently offered on every Android phone. Nonetheless, if you want to download it, you can download it through Google Play for complimentary via this link. iphone individuals can likewise download and install using the complying with link.

3. Adobe Lightroom.
If you have an interest in using this Adobe application, you might need a little time to get made use of to it. But after knowing exactly how to utilize it, this application will really aid you to edit images. You just need to pick the classification of devices you wish to use to modify as well as personalize the look of the picture itself. This application can be downloaded totally free on Google Play Store as well as Apple App Store.

4. Instagram.
That presently doesn’t have Instagram? Social media site is a place to share fascinating aesthetic web content. Users can likewise modify pictures through Instagram. Edited images can likewise be saved to the tool quickly. Instagram is additionally currently continuously including brand-new filters. You can discover numerous filters when posting images for feeds or IG Stories.

5. Problem Lab.
In this application there are greater than 100 various results that are split right into a number of classifications. This application has a straightforward interface making it less complicated to use.

6. Pixlr

Is one of the favorite apps for those searching for a free image editing service. Not just can you do fundamental image editing and enhancing, but there are lots of different effects, overlays, as well as filters to choose from.

7. VSCOCam.
The first application we extremely suggest setting up is VSCOCam. I think this application is the most effective application that is hard to be gone beyond by other similar editor applications. Lots of professionals likewise use it.
In it there are numerous choices that you can use to make best use of photos, modification shade, saturation, include aspects, as well as various other intriguing points. You can likewise combine a couple of images all at once with the trace function in it.
Naturally, there are several other referrals that you can select from in the AppStore. Nevertheless, a few of the iPhone image editing and enhancing application recommendations that we explained above are perhaps the best choices to set up on your mobile phone. Particularly for those of you that such as to take pictures and display them on social media.

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No, but iMovie is definitely the best video editing apps for iPhone!

Are you an iOS device user who is looking for the best iPhone video editing app? Or do you want to learn to edit videos professionally on your iPhone or iPad?

Indeed, do you want the old iPhone series or the latest iPhone series to have very capable videography quality.

However, that alone is not enough to produce an aesthetic video. You need to edit the video so that the results are better and more interesting. Therefore, you need a video editing application for an iPhone.

Well, the best video editing apps for iphone, one of them is iMovie.

What is iMovie?

iMovie is an application for video editing created by Apple itself. This application was previously a video editor application that was particularly established for devices with the Mac OS. Today, the iMovie application is offered on devices with iOS. iPhone and iPad users can edit their videos easily through this iMovie application. You can get this iMovie app on Apple Store.

There are a number of features of iMovie that you can use to make your videos better and much better.

iMovie Features

There are a number of features that make iMovie one of the best video editing apps for iphone. You can use them easily, like:

1. User-friendly interface

Easy UI is the main thing that individuals consider when choosing iMovie. Because not everyone has the capability to edit videos well. There are lots of video editing applications out there that are extremely tough for newbies to use.

2. Customization.

There are great deals of customization aspects you can add. There are a number of design templates that likewise make it simpler for you to edit videos.

3. Effects and Enhancements.

iMovie provides lots of impacts and video enhancements that you can pick to further enhance the quality of your videos. This application has 10 filters and 8 themes, there is also music and sound effects. You can likewise include numerous music from your own library.

4. Easy Sharing

In addition to uploading your modified videos to social media, you can also share them through Airdrop. Among the special functions for sharing files with fellow Apple users. You can likewise publish them to iCloud Drive, so you can see them on a range of other Apple devices.

the best video editing apps for iphone

Editing video will be easier | Pexels/Bruno Cervera

With iMovie features, video editing must be a piece of cake. You guys can try installing it on your iOS right now and feel the easiness from the features provided by this best video editing apps for iPhone!

We also have a list of Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone that you can check here.


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Best Screen Sharing Applications

Possibly few people know that the Android display can be displayed on a computer system or laptop computer screen. Obviously, this is made with the support of an application Screen Sharing Applications.
The presence of these applications makes it really easy when we wish to obtain a bigger view such as checking out files, watching videos, or even playing video games. A few of the android to PC matching applications that can be the most effective option will be clarified below.
Having a broader screen when seeing movies or playing games will absolutely make us even more comfortable as well as appreciate them much more. Since there are certain applications or video games that are only readily available on Android phones which makes us a little challenging for some attributes. At the same time, there are several Android phones that do not have a built-in screen matching function. For that we need a screen mirroring application for Android that makes it very easy for us to manage our cellular phones by means of a laptop or computer system.

Screen Sharing Applications

Best Screen Sharing Applications | Computerworld.com

Below are the very best screen sharing applications suggestions that you have to try

1. Display Mirror

Display Mirror is an android to computer mirroring application which we will certainly talk about initially. This application makes the display on the android mobile phone screen can be shown on the computer.

2. AirDroid

AirDroid is also one of one of the most extensively used Android to computer mirroring applications. Along with being utilized as matching, it ends up that this application can likewise be used as a documents supervisor application that can be accessed from a PC, although with restricted attributes. Utilizing AirDroid is just one of the easiest where customers just need to download this application and develop an account on the application.
Afterwards, the customer needs to get in the official AirDroid website with an internet browser on a computer or laptop. To be able to connect Android to a PC, both devices should be attached to a Wi-Fi network via neighborhood link setting. After that, please visit making use of the AirDroid account on the PC web browser or on Android. Ensure the account utilized to log in coincides.

3. Android Display

Along with making use of the three applications above, one more mirrorring application that is no much less prominent is Android Screen. However this application appears still not suitable for customers who do not wish to be complicated. This is since if you want to make use of DroidScreen, the individual has to set up many applications and also perform USB Debugging.

4. ApowerMirror

ApowerMirror is not just a matching application yet can also be made use of for screen fires, managing Android gadgets, or doing screen recordings.
The benefit is that this application can be made use of to display the displays of 3 Android devices at the same time. There is a feature called Game Keyboard that permits individuals to map keyboard shortcuts to make Android capability smoother.

Interesting right? some recommended applications – screen sharing applications are worth trying, surely will be very helpful in our activities and needs. hopefully useful for you.

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