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Things that must be known from credit monitoring are:

5 Best Free Credit Monitoring Apps In 2022, a series of activities to notify and monitor the process of credit development, credit travel, and business development from the time the credit was granted until it was paid off.

Credit Covering alerts you if any changes are made to your credit report so you can review your account for fraudulent transactions. Credit monitoring apps will not stop criminals from stealing your identity. But the sooner you find out that your credit has been compromised, the sooner you can push your credit to help anyone from opening an account in your name, training reports, and starting to recover your identity. Credit monitoring can help you minimize damage to your credit and reputation.

Therefore we need to monitor our credit, there are many ways to monitor credit, namely by using an apps on your device, there are 5 free recommended apps to monitor credit in 2022.

5 best free credit monitoring apps in 2022

Credit Sesame

Gambar sampul
5 Best Free Credit Monitoring Apps In 2022 | https://play.google.com/

There is no complaint to come round to Credit Sesame. They manufacture their capitalist through strategic affiliations that carry on – juncture advertising and promotional trials. They like wise extend promoted benevolences that argue$9.95 per month for higher belief monitoring and$14.95 per month for their Platinum Protection road map.

The self ruling preparative grace provides you with self-ruling monthly belief down updates, belief monitoring and deconstruction. It nay provides manner – grace implements to refreshen your identicalness and accurate shames and con. They nay carry$ in identicalness larceny insurance.

The insurance does not step in misplacements to con but does step in charges alike as blanks and lawful ladings. With perquisites and features like that, it’s cast-iron to descry a belief monitoring grace that compares to Credit Sesame.

CreditWise by Capital O

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CreditWise from Capital One is a topmost aspirant in belief down monitoring apps. The main lagniappe of this app is that it purely focuses on covering your belief down and crack, as bucked to some different apps that center on different belt of your bones-and-cents cradle- being.


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5 Best Free Credit Monitoring Apps In 2022 | https://play.google.com/

As one of the best personal finance apps on the market currently, Mint is a clear choice for an app to monitor your credit score and stay on top of your finances.


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st Free Credit Monitoring Apps In 2022 | https://play.google.com/

With a reputation like myFICO, we all know it’s to be a solid alternative in observance your credit report and score. myFICO is that the official FICO credit monitoring app, and options the FICO score that’ utilized by 90% of U.S. monetary establishments to form selections supported client credit.

Credit Karma

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Credit Karma is being honest when they say they will never ask you for a credit card.

The app uses information from TransUnion and Equifax to estimate your FICO score. Users report that Credit Karma’s scores are very close to their actual FICO scores.

Credit fate is being honest once they say they’ll ne’er raise you for a credit card. The app uses info from TransUnion and Equifax to estimate your FICO score. Users report that Credit Karma’ scores are terribly getting ready to their actual FICO scores

Belief Karma is existing truthful when they bring out they will nothing inquire you for a belief menu.

The app uses data from TransUnion and Equifax to assess your FICO down . dopers relate that Credit Karma’s grievances are truly serried to their existent FICO grievances.

Those are some free credit monitoring apps that we can access anywhere and anytime. Hopefully useful for all of you, thank you so much.

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How To Download Free Ebooks From Kindle library, in different versions, is currently the best-selling eReader worldwide, thanks in part to their price, but also because of the great possibilities they offer us to access a large number of books in digital format, at the most varied prices.

Unfortunately not everyone can or wants to spend large sums of euros on one of Amazon’s devices, but that won’t stop us from enjoying eBooks. And today we are going to explain in a very simple way

How to Download Free eBooks from Kindle Library to your PC.

kindle library

How To Download Free Ebooks From Kindle Library To Your PC | Freepik.com

If you want to enjoy the thousands of ebooks that Amazon has to offer us, get your computer ready and we’ll give you the most useful suggestions if you don’t want to buy an eReader or you prefer your computer to read.

Download the Kindle library apps

Once downloaded, you’ll need to install and access it, entering the username and password you normally use to buy on Amazon or to use the library itself.

If you don’t have a user yet, no problem, you can create one for free. As you can see in the following image, you should see something similar, although it can be displayed in a slightly different way depending on the collection you have created.

Download the books you want and enjoy on PC

When you have found the book you want to read, you can use the “Buy in one click” button and select the device you want to save it to. In our case, we will choose the Kindle library option for your User PC. As soon as we get it, we can quickly see it in our library and start reading it.

If the ebook doesn’t appear in your library, you should update it and if it still doesn’t appear, you should review the purchases made, because if you have to pay something for the book, the payment may fail and you’ll need to reconfigure your payment method to pay for the book. purchased properly and can download it and add it to your library.

If you double-click on the book in question, you’ll be able to start reading it in a very similar interface to a PDF file reader, albeit with a few shortcuts and options that will help you personalize your experience.

Among them we will find the possibility of adjusting the font size, typeface, the words that will appear in each line, the brightness of the screen or the color mode.

Those are some tips on How to Download Free eBooks from Kindle Library to Your PC that might help you find some of the e-books you want.

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Video conferencing applications are a solution for those of you who want to keep working from home. There are many video conferencing applications, the majority of which can be accessed via smartphones or laptops.

You can choose whether you want to use a paid service, or just use a free video conferencing application. In addition, currently there is also a video call application with many participants up to tens of people.

Here are 5 video conferencing applications that you can choose to work with, both free and paid.



5 Recommended Applications Free Video Conferencing For Work | https://play.google.com/

Zoom is one of the most widely used applications for doing online work from home. This application can be used for those of you who want to do virtual communication with co-workers with a number of up to 1000 people.

Google Meet


5 Recommended Applications Free Video Conferencing For Work | https://play.google.com/

Google Meet is perfect for you to use for work, because this teleconferencing application allows you to communicate with co-workers via video call applications with many participants.



5 Recommended Applications Free Video Conferencing For Work | https://play.google.com/

Skype is one of the popular services that can be used to communicate with each other via video calls. Not only on a one-on-one basis, this Microsoft-owned service can also be used to make conference calls with many people at once.

Microsoft Team


5 Recommended Applications Free Video Conferencing For Work | https://play.google.com/

Another service made by Microsoft that you can use to do video conferencing. Microsoft Teams is an application that can be used to communicate or even hold meetings with colleagues.

It is available in two versions, free and paid Microsoft Teams. For the paid ones, the price starts from Rp. 39 thousand per month and you can hold Teams online meetings for 24 hours with a participant capacity of up to 10 thousand participants.

Whereas in the free version of Microsoft Teams, you can enjoy various services such as access to calls with a duration of 1 hour and a maximum number of 100 participants.

Cisco Webex

Gambar sampul

Cisco Webex is available in 2 versions, free and paid. For the free version, you can use Cisco for online meetings with a maximum meeting duration of 40 minutes and a maximum number of 50 participants.

As for the paid service, the price is USD 650 or IDR 9.7 million per year and you get various advantages such as holding video conferences with the number of participants reaching 200 people.

and many more Conference apps free for work that we can access or install on our devices. Hope it is useful.

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Screen Sharing Apps and remote access software allow one computer to access another computer and control mouse and keyboard input when connected via an Internet or network connection. This can bring up images of malicious users having easy access to your device. However, participating screen programs and remote access software use a high level of security so that only authorized persons have access.

Some of the security features are word protection, translated data transmission, reopened access, and blacklisting unwanted connections. It’s easier than ever for you to access your computer or let others access it. There is a huge selection of amazing tools at your disposal and some of them are even free. Here are some popular, well-tested options.

Free Screen Sharing Apps For Windows

Free Screen Sharing Apps For Windows | Techadvisor.com

5 Best Free Screen Sharing Apps For Windows


AnyDesk is another popular remote desktop apps. Like TeamViewer, AnyDesk is also easy to use and offers a lot of features. The same applies to the usage model; AnyDesk can be used free of charge for personal use, while for business use it costs US$10.99 per month excluding tax for one device and is paid annually.

One of the differences between AnyDesk and TeamViewer is that AnyDesk’s file size is small, only around 3.2 MB instead of the 25.7 MB like TeamViewer, and can run without needing to be installed.

Team Viewer

TeamViewer is arguably one of the most popular remote desktop applications. Apart from being easy to use, TeamViwer also offers many features such as the ability to take screenshots, transfer files, and print support in certain editions.

TeamViewer can be used for free for non-commercial purposes, while for commercial purposes the license price for one user is IDR 345,000 per month which is paid annually.


Screenleap is one of the most bare- bones screen sharing tools out there, but its lack of complexity makes it lightning presto to use.

It’s ideal when you need to give a quick tutorial to a coworker or present to a customer without forcing them to download and install commodity heavy- duty or indeed jump onto a videoconferencing app.


Slack is presumably where you and your platoon formerly hang out. With so numerous integrations with the other apps you use at work, it’s like a dashboard and universal exertion feed. Since so important is formerly going on inside Slack.


Drovio ( formerly USE Together) is designed with conditioning like brace programming and designing in mind.

All Drovio screen sharing session actors get a cursor they can use to control the host’s screen, so multiple druggies can contemporaneously work in different corridor of the same screen while on a voice call.

That’s a summary of the Top 5 Free Screen Sharing For Window that we can present, hopefully it will be useful for all of us.

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How to Download Paid Apps for Free on iOS Without Jailbreak in 2022. Want to know? Very Easy!!This time, I will walk you through the ways how you can download paid Apps for free on iOS without jailbreak in 2022.

No doubt that apple app store has a lot of paid apps and decorations. Presumably much further than its android counterpart as apple app store makes further profits compared to google play store for android. However, buying this app is not an option for those who can’t use it or don’t have the means to pay for it.

And you can’t now pay for apps in Apple’s app store either? don’t worry because we will show you a will called Tongbu, If for any reason. Tongbu is an apple app store wish, like BlackMart for Android. The Tongbu app store lets you download paid apps, as well as free apps all for free. However, there is a catch; This app is in Chinese. This is because this app is developed by Chinese.

How to Download Paid Apps for Free on iOS Without Jailbreak in 2022. Want to know? Very Easy!!

How to Download Paid Apps for Free on iOS Without Jailbreak in 2022
How to Download Paid Apps for Free on iOS Without Jailbreak in 2022. | https://www.nesabamedia.com/

Nonetheless, you should be fit to use and download from the app store without having to understand Chinese. This is because the system is quite straightforward. I guess that’s the price one has to pay to be fit to download paid apps for free on iOS without jailbreaking their phone.

Alright, without further ado, let’s get straight to it.

1. First, you have to download the indispensable app store that is tongbu. To do so, Open Tongbu Website using your Only Safari Cybersurfer (Don’t use another cybersurfer).

2. Click the Apple Logo with some Chinese written in front of it.

It will ask you to Cancel or Install. Tap Install.

3. Just install and also open the apps.

4. Now this is the tricky part because the language of the apps is in Chinese and there is no way to change it. So we have to make use of it like that.

5. Once you Open the Tongbu Apps, you will see the Hunting Icon at the very bottom center of the screen.

6. Click on it. This will bring up a set of Chinese Icons and Textbooks.

7. Ignore Chinese textbook and Choose Hunting Icon (Alternative icon after Wrench/Screw Driver Icon)

Now, Enter the name of the paid app you want to download in the hunting bar at the top and search for it.

8. When the apps appears, click on it.

9. Tap on the Green Button which is the Download button and it will start downloading the app for free.

10. When the app finishes downloading, you’ll get a pop-up communication asking if you want to install the downloaded apps.

11. Tap Install and the app will be installed.

12. This app is now on your phone and you can use it whenever you want to download other paid apps for free. Very easy isn’t it? I know.


That’s how to download paid apps for free on iOS without jailbreaking your device. You can also modernize an apps from the Apple app store once an update is available for the app. It doesn’t matter if you download it from Tongbu or any other place.

Did this system work for you? Do you like it? Do you have questions about a way out? Are you having problems executing the instructions? Let us know using the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you.

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weight loss apps,

Hello Guys, This review abaut Top 3 Best Free Weight Loss Apps !!

Losing weight is a journey. It requires a ton of motivation and support, and at the end of the day, shedding pounds isn’t just about the number on the scale. It’s about overhauling your lifestyle and making positive, long-lasting changes. That’s where the help of an app comes in. dan berikut adalah top 3 Best free weight loss apps in below lets go

Top 3 Best Free Weight Loss Apps


weight loss apps

Best Free Weight Loss Apps | https://play.google.com/

There’s a reason WW is one of the top-rated wight loss apps: This app gathers all the best aspects of the program in one convenient spot. You can track your food and fitness progress and even chat with others in the community for motivation and support, says Rebecca Gahan, C.P.T. and owner of Kick@55 Fitness in Chicago. You can also sync it to any smart watches or devices to convert daily steps into points.

An iOS reviewer raves, “With the ability to walk into a grocery store, scan a barcode and instantly know the points value of a food, I can shop healthy and proactively without fear. I can also pair my activity tracker so I know the value of each activity I complete.


weight loss apps, free apps

Best Free Weight Loss Apps | https://play.google.com/

With Noom, there’s a weight loss coach by your side throughout your journey. Using psychology-based approaches, the app reveals your weight loss obstacles and provides adjustments to make better progress, making it a terrific tool for personalized attention. What’s more, if you have medical conditions, like diabetes or heart disease, the app tailors its program accordingly.

“This app is helping me change small habits one day at a time and it’s doing more for my brain than my body right now,” one iOS user writes. “I am moving more and making better food choices. I have not lost much weight yet, but my mind is definitely changing, and I truly believe that weight loss and a healthy body is in my near future.


weight loss appss, free apps

Best Free Weight Loss Apps | https://play.google.com/

It’s can be impossible to feel confident in your weight loss journey if you’re unsure of what “healthy” really means. Fooducate offers 50,000 recipes and educates users on what to look for in a nutrition label so that they can keep nutrient-rich foods in their pantry and fridge. Simply scan the label to see a list of ingredients in any product, plus its health grade compared to other options. Beyond food, you can also track sleep, mood, and fitness.

An iOS reviewer writes, “Fooducate helps me be more aware of every bite I put into my mouth because I know I will have to enter it into the app. I like that it also helps me understand more about the quality of ingredients and nutrients I’m consuming.”

Thank you, Hopefully a review of the Top 3 Best Free Weight Loss Apps, is useful to help you lose your weight !!

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Free Music Apps, Most people no longer buy individual songs or albums. After all, what’s the point if with a monthly subscription you can stream unlimited music from Apple Music, Spotify or Amazon Prime Music? And what’s better than unlimited music? Free music!

Whether you just want to listen to certain songs or create playlists according to your favorite genre, or whatever suits your mood, this free music apps for iPhone is a must-download.

free music apps

Free Music Apps On Iphone That You Must Download | Freepik.com

Here Are Free Music Apps On Iphone That You Must Download.

8tracks Radio

8tracks Radio features millions of user-generated playlists, as well as ‘handmade’ playlists from experts and sponsors for every taste, activity and mood. All you have to do is enter basic information about the type of music you want to listen to and the free music apps will provide several suitable playlists.

The free version of the apps provides all the core features, including creating and sharing playlists and listening to playlists created by others, but also with ads.

Google Play Music

the app features radio-style playlists by genre, mood, activity, and more. (This is the same feature that was once part of the Songza app. A few years ago, Google bought Songza and then stopped operating it.) Lastly, the app provides unlimited music streaming, just like Spotify or Apple Music.

Amazon Music

With Amazon Prime Music, you can stream over 2 million songs, playlists, and radio stations. Better yet, the app is ad-free and included in the Prime subscription. Plus, you can sign up for a family plan with six different users.

In addition, all music purchased from Amazon—both in the form of MP3 downloads and, in some cases, on physical media that has Amazon’s AutoRip feature—is available in your account and can be streamed or downloaded immediately.


From the name alone, we can already guess what this app will find: lots of radios. iHeartRadio features live radio stations from all over America, so if you like a traditional radio experience, this app might be for you.

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3 Best Cute Wallpaper Apps For iPhone. You Must Have!, When you pick up your iPhone or iPad, the first thing you’ll see on the screen when you  see it. That’s why you want your wallpaper to be of high quality, and something that sets your device apart from the rest. Sure, you could go and just do a Google image search of whatever is your favorite and paste it on your device as your wallpaper, but there are some great apps out there for the best wallpapers. What is sought after by adult women or children, especially women, is cute and best cute wallpaper on iPhone. there are so many applications that provide cute and funny wallpapers on the Appstore. The following are some of the best recommended applications for you.

3 Best Cute Wallpaper Apps For iPhone. You Must Have!

1. Cute Girly Wallpaper – Emilija Blagojevic

Best Cute Wallpaper Apps For iPhone

Cute Girly Wallpaper offline wallpaper apps which contains cute backgrounds for girls, you will dive into a huge number of girly wallpapers like black aesthetic pictures, panda pictures, kawaii, cute food and butterfly wallpapers which will surely look amazing on your home screen or screen. lock your phone or tablet. Install it for free and browse these funny pictures images offline. It’s very easy to do it, just select your favorite and swipe left or right, you can also share your favorite image on social media or use it as lock screen and home screen.

2. Cute Wallpaper – AWFUL APPS SHOP


Love Cute Wallpapers? Can’t get enough of Cute Wallpapers? We have the app for you! Choose from hundreds of the cutest and most adorable Cute pictures and use them as your wallpaper So many different designs and scenes from different angles, perfect for the best Cute Wallpaper fans! Create your own Design with Photo Collage & Photo Editor with amazing features Play Fun Puzzle Games for your own Choice.

3. Cute Wallpapers Background – Ivka Veljovic


Check out the best cute wallpaper images for your phone and set a new wallpaper on your screen! It’s very easy and you can find the most beautiful and cutest background photos here! Get all this and use cute HD wallpapers for girls to decorate your display! Download this app cute wallpaper backgrounds to crop your device! Hurry up and personalize your screen with these cute pictures for girls! No matter how hard you try, you must love our new collection of backgrounds for girls at first sight! Get ready for cuteness overload!

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Team Communication Apps is an application that makes it easy for you to start communication with one or more people.

If you’re old enough to remember the time before smartphones, chances are you’ve used MSN Messenger to communicate with your friends.

Today, online chat is more popular than ever, but fortunately due to the advancement of technology, instead of using MSN Messenger, we can now communicate from our smartphones and devices using WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

The platform allows you to connect with friends and family privately or in group chats and share funny photos, memes and videos.


So, wouldn’t it be great if we could communicate with our co-workers in the same way? You can. Think of a team communication apps as an What App for business.

What are the Best Free Team Communication Apps?

We now know why communication is important and why you should use a team communication app, so what are the best free team communication solutions on the market today?

There are many solutions out there that you can use, but here’s a list of some of our favorites. Most solutions offer a free version — you can try it and then upgrade to the full version if necessary.

Best Free Team Communication Apps
Best Free Team Communication Apps | zapier.com

Following are some of the Best Free Team Communication Apps that we have rounded up.

1. Hibox

Hibox is a chat software, video tool, and task management all in one so you can manage conversations, files and track tasks. It’s free for up to 10 users with 2GB total storage and you can search for your latest messages.

2. Google Hangout Chat

Google Hangout Chat is one of the newest chat apps on the market. It is the popular Hangouts video chat companion. Because it’s part of G Suite. If you have a Gmail account, you will get access automatically. With deep integration, you can easily share Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides in your chats.

3. Twist

Twist is a team chat app from Todoist. The site states that it was “built for a more deliberate way of working together”. It works a little differently to traditional chat apps as it turns all chats into threads. You can add comments to an existing thread or start a new one.

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free apps, apps, iphone

Top 10 Free Apps On iPhone 2022 will probably be the thing you are looking for the most if you have a smartphone with this exclusive status.

Yes, the price is relatively expensive, making some people want to maximize the performance of their HP iPhone with the help of some of the best applications that may even be only available for the iOS platform.

However, unfortunately not all users managed to find the best apps they hoped for. Moreover, the popularity of Android applications is undeniably more popular because of the larger number of users.

free apps, apps, iPhone

Top 10 Free Apps | https://www.techradar.com/

Top 10 Free Apps On iPhone 2021 !! You Must Have It !!

  1. Marco PoloStay In Touch

The first best iPhone application is Marco Polo Stay In Touch which is a video chat application with various interesting features in it, gang.

Because this application combines chat features, social media, and also video chats all in one application. This app allows you to record videos and send them anytime and anywhere.

But different from other video chat applications, this apps allows friends in contact to watch your videos live or watch them at a later time.

Details of Marco Polo Stay In Touch

Developer Joya Communications, Inc

Minimum OS iOS 11.0 and above

Size 182.2MB

Rating 4.8/5 (App Store)

  1. Phytocracy

A fitness application that can help users to form a healthy lifestyle in a fun way, Fitocracy is really suitable for you sports enthusiasts, gang.

In this sports application, users are challenged to collect a number of points to raise levels, do quests, and solve achievements so that they can encourage them to keep exercising.

In addition, fellow users of this application can also see each other’s training routines, points earned, levels and achievements. Not only that, you can also leave comments, you know!

Phytocracy details

Developer Fitocracy Inc.

Minimum OS iOS 8.0 and above

Size 52.9MB

Rating 4.0/5 (App Store)

  1. Note

Still not satisfied with the features offered by the default Note application from an iPhone? If so, this Noted application might be the right recommendation for you to download.

Noted is a fully integrated audio recording and note-taking application that makes it easier for you to take notes on important things in meetings, interviews, or conferences.

In addition, this application also allows you to attach images in notes so that the results will be easier to understand.

Missed an important note from the recorded audio? Calm! With the #TimeTag feature, you can return to certain audio minutes so you don’t have to re-listen to the entire audio.

Details Note

Developer Digital Workroom Ltd

Minimum OS iOS 12.0 and above

Size 402.6MB

Rating 4.4/5 (App Store)

  1. Vectornator: Design Software

Love the world of graphic design and don’t want to miss it for a moment? Then you have to download the best free iPhone application called Vectornator: Design Software.

As the name implies, Vectornator is a vector graphic design application that allows you to design anything you want.

You can also create awesome vector designs using the built-in Pen, Node, Brush, and Shape tools.

Even though it’s free, this application offers quite complete features and users can even import or export files in AI, PDF, SVG, PNG, and JPG formats.

Vectornator Details: Design Software

Developer Linearity GmbH

Minimum OS iOS 11.4 and above

Size 259.2MB

Rating 4.5/5 (App Store)

  1. Darkroom: Photo & Video Editor

The next best 2021 iPhone application that is interesting for you to download is a photo editing application called Darkroom.

Named the Editor’s Choice application on the App Store, Darkroom offers a number of interesting features that can make it easier for users to edit photos even if they don’t have photo editing skills.

In addition to supporting the RAW format, this application also provides 10 bundled filters and 20 premium filters that can enhance your edits.

Darkroom Details: Photo & Video Editor

Developers Bergen Co.

Minimum OS iOS 11.0 and above

Size 57MB

Rating 4.5/5 (App Store)

  1. CARROT Weather

CARROT Weather is the best weather forecast application that is not only equipped with a very attractive user interface, but the information contained in it is quite complete and accurate.

Not only that, CARROT is also claimed to be more than an ordinary weather application. The reason is, with this application users can follow you to track more than 70 secret locations and unlock more than 60 achievements.

You can download this application for free, although some features can only be enjoyed by premium users.

CARROT Weather Detail details

Developer Grailr LLC

Minimum OS iOS 13.0 and above

Size 134.5MB

Rating 4.7/5 (App Store)

  1. Infusion 6

Developed by developer Firecore, LLC, Infuse 6 is a video player application that supports various video formats such as MP4, MKV, AVI, and many more.

In addition, you can also add movie subtitles or download them for free through this application, gang.

Its simple and elegant interface makes watching movies using this application a lot of fun.

Infusion Details 6

Developer Firecore, LLC

Minimum OS iOS 12.0 and above

Size 106.1MB

Rating 4.7/5 (App Store)

  1. Unroll.Me

Although it can provide important information, subscribing to a newsletter is sometimes quite annoying because there are quite a lot of them often drowning out other important emails.

Well, for those of you who might be experiencing moments like this and want to filter the newsletters that enter your email inbox, the Unroll.Me application can be the right solution, gang.

With this application, you can easily filter newsletters that you think need to be unsubscribed, separated into other folders, or those that you want to keep showing in your inbox.

This 2021 iPhone mandatory application itself supports a number of email applications such as Gmail, Google Apps, AOL, and Outlook.

Unroll.Me Detail Details


Minimum OS iOS 9.0 and above

Size 49.3MB

Rating 4.4/5 (App Store)

  1. Bear

Bear is a note application that is quite flexible and popular among HP users with the iOS operating system, gang.

As a note application, Bear offers simplicity in its use but still provides powerful functions.

This app allows you to do anything from taking quick notes, writing essays, to taking notes with pictures.

In addition, this application also offers a variety of interesting features, gang!

Among them support hashtags and sub-hashtags, support for setting the text display format (font type, size, line height), export notes to various document formats, and others.

Bear details

Developer Shiny Frog Ltd.

Minimum OS iOS 11.0 and above

Size 67.9MB

Rating 4.7/5 (App Store)

  1. Splice

Offering a simple yet powerful way to use, the Splice app can make it easy for you to create fully customizable and professional-looking videos with just the help of your iPhone.

This application offers various features for its users such as applying filters, adjusting videos to the rhythm of the music automatically, trimming or adding clips, selecting transition effects, and much more.

Not only that, this application also allows you to save or share your edited videos to popular social media applications such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or even email, friends.

Splice details

Developer Bending Spoons Apps IVS

Minimum OS iOS 13.0 and above

Size 99.3MB

Rating 4.6/5 (App Store)

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