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Best 3 Computer Desk with Drawers or Shelves to Store Your Files

Your computer desk should not only be used for putting your computer and daily activities, but also for storing files you need while working. Storing files can be by adding storage outside the desk you use, or you can also buy a desk with in-built drawers or shelves to store the paper, books, and files you need.
In this article, we will provide computer desk with drawers or shelves recommendations that are expected to be your new desk choice to replace your current computer desk.

Best 3 Computer Desk with Drawers or Shelves

The Walker Edison Modern Computer Gaming Desk

from amazon.com

Could be your first choice because this gaming computer desk has open shelves that you can use to store things you need to write, for example, or other important files. The table surface itself is wide enough for you to arrange the PC you have built.

Sauder Palladia L-Shaped Desk

from amazon.com

Our second computer desk with drawers recommendation is the Sauder Palladia L-Shaped Desk which has a luxurious build to make your room look grand and luxurious. This computer desk has many drawers that you can use to store files. It’s just, this desk maybe too big and expensive for some people.

John Lewis & Partners Abacus Corner Desk

from johnlewis.com

The third choice you make can fall to this corner of the computer desk. With open shelves on the left and right, this table can be the right choice for those of you who need a lot of storage. Even though it only comes with one color choice, the light brown color typical of wood is no less beautiful to combine with your room. This computer desk is equipped with a keyboard tray so that this desk is very complete.

If you are looking for a computer desk with drawers or shelves as additional storage for your files, well, those are our recommendations. Hopefully you can soon find a computer desk that suits your tastes and needs. Follow these tips on how to take care of your desk and keep it neat.

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Maximize Your Mobile Marketing

White is a neutral color that can go well with many other colors. No need to worry about changing the color of the walls or wallpaper every few months, if you have a white computer desk, it will definitely look good and beautiful. White corner computer desk or the straight one will works every time.

Here, we have a recommendation for a white corner computer desk that will be very elegant combined with the walls of your home.

Sauder Northcott L-Shaped Computer Desk

from amazon.com

The clean white color with lots of drawers for storage of goods makes Sauder Northcott a white corner computer desk that you must have. In addition to drawers, this corner computer desk still provides a large space both on the table surface and under the table legs, which makes it easier for you to put a lot of things, including your computer accessories and make your home neater.

Argos Home Calgary Corner Office Desk

from argos.com

Marketed in the UK, this corner computer desk made by Argos has a sturdy material with an elegant finish. The clean white color with veneer makes this table the right choice to become your favorite computer desk. In addition, the amount of storage made on this table will make your things neater and support the beauty of your home.

Walker Edison Tempered Glass Computer Desk

from amazon.com

As the name implies, this L-shaped or corner computer desk has smart tempered glass and metal as its material. In addition to the material that makes this computer desk look very elegant, this computer desk is equipped with a CPU stand that is the right size and can keep your CPU from directly touching the ground. Still equipped with a keyboard tray, this corner computer desk is perfect to be your desk of choice.

Those are three recommendations for an elegant white corner computer desk that you can buy to match the beauty in your home. Don’t forget to consider on the function of these tables and make your home more beautiful.

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3 Beautiful White Computer Desks to Complete Your Layout

We want some beautiful white computer desks.

Choosing to buy goods according to their appearance is never wrong. Choosing to buy goods according to their function is also the right thing to do. If you could choose the beauty and usefulness of an item, that would be even better, wouldn’t it?

Choosing a computer desk is also the same. Many of us love white because it is a neutral color that looks great with any color. The computer desk is the same, a white computer desk can certainly be our choice to beautify the room where we use our computers every day.

Here we give you recommendation for a white computer desks that you can use as a reference for your home.

Latitude Run Sauve Floating Desk

from wayfair.com

This white computer desk has a unique design that allows you to mount it on the wall so you can save space when the desk is not in use. In addition, this computer desk also has a chalkboard-like surface that helps us to write reminders or teach our kids. However, the weakness of this desk is that it is difficult to assemble so it will take more time to assemble it.

IKEA Pahl Desk

from ikea.com

Furniture items at IKEA are known to be affordable for many people. This computer desk is suitable for teenagers who are growing and need to use the computer frequently. It is designed very simply with a charming white color. One advantage of this desk is that it is easy to assemble so teenage girls can also install this desk by themselves.

Coavas Industrial Folding Desk

This is a lightweight computer desk that can be folded up when not in use. There is no plain white color option, but Coavas provides an oak option with charming white table legs and an oak table surface. The size of this desk is ideal for your computer, sturdy, and very easy to assemble, so this one of the best white computer desks is highly recommended to decorate your home.

Those are three white computer desks recommendations that we can recommend for you. Before choosing white desk, make sure you know how to keep your desk clean and stylish with elegant white!

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7 Things That Will Make Your White Computer Desk Stays Neat

Often, we don’t want to choose white furniture because the dust or dirt will be clearly visible. With that dirt, our desk no longer looks beautiful and it makes our house look dirty too.

However, the white color can be very elegant in our homes if we can take care of it. Then, how should we take care of our furniture, especially our white computer desk that we use daily?

Let’s see some tips below.

from Pexels/Ken Tomita

Prepare cleaning materials that is suitable for your white computer desk material

Different desk materials need different cleaning tools. Get to know the material used for your table first before preparing the cleaning tool. Examples of some cleaning tools you can use are:

  • Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloths. The softest material that is safe for all materials.
  • Clean Dish Cloth can be used to clean coarser materials. For surfaces such as glass and stainless, avoid scrubbing.
  • Dish Soap. For cleaning stubborn stains.
  • Magic Sponge can be used to clean metal tables which are more scratch resistant.
  • Hairspray can be used to clean pen stains on harder materials. Before using hairspray, test it in a slightly hidden area to make sure it won’t damage the material.
  • White Vinegar to clean wood veneer. You can mix it with warm water to remove stains.
  • Baby Oil. It can make the stainless-steel material shine beautifully.
from Freepik/wayhomestudio

Clean carefully

To clean your white computer desk, you must do it carefully. Do not scrub too hard or your table top may be damaged. Buying a scratch resist table material will also help you avoid damage, so you only need to clean the dust that may stick to the surface.

Those are some tips that you can do to take care of your white computer desk. Don’t let the little things stop you from buying the things you want. You can also see our white computer desk recommendations.

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The Best Gaming Computer Desk in 2022 You Want to Buy

To use a computer or PC, you need some supporting equipment so that the computer or PC can run properly, both external and internal equipment. One of the equipment or supporting factors for those of you who want to operate a computer or PC is a computer desk for sure.

The desk is one of the external factors that you should not underestimate, because it turns out that the computer desk is an important factor that is useful for you and for your computer as well. Talking about computer desks, it turns out that there are computer desks, especially for gaming that you can buy at affordable prices.

Curious? Let’s look at the best gaming computer desk in 2022 we have provided for you.

FlexiSpot Height Adjustable Gaming Desk

from amazon.com

Affordable, comfortable, and durable are some of the advantages that this gaming computer desk has. The height of this table can be adjusted up to 48 inches, and the adjusting knob is an automatic knob. Cool, right? The table itself is up to 55 inches wide. For the price of this table, it is quite affordable, which is still under $400. Wow, don’t you want to buy this gaming computer desk?

IKEA Utespelare

from ikea.com

Indeed, IKEA may not be the best place to buy your gaming needs, but it never hurts to check out one of their products, Utespelare. This desk is very sturdy, more than capable of supporting a gaming PC with multiple monitors. Metal nets behind the desk can also provide ventilation for your electronics.
What’s more, this table can be adjusted in height to 27 and 30 inches, and has its own cable management net.

Thermaltake ToughDesk 500L RGB BattleStation

from thermaltakeusa.com

This desk is an option for those of you who prefer an L-shaped gaming computer desk. This gaming computer game is specially made with the wishes of gamers in mind, especially gamers who plan to spend one long session of their game. The features of this computer gaming desk are also many, including cable management to RGB lighting.

Those are three gaming computer desks that we can recommend for you and you can find the other recommendations here. Hopefully it can help you in choosing the best gaming computer desk that suits your needs.

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TOP 3 Amazon Best Seller Computer Desk for Kids

Your tween kids must have whined every now and then, or even often, asking you to buy them a new computer desk. It’s okay, it’s normal. You like it or not, we have to admit that now our tween kids may need that computer desk. We think they don’t need their own property, but it turns out that when they have personal items, they will be more eager to do assignments and learn and take care of these items.

We have summarized from amazon, the best seller computer desk for kids that you have to check out!

  1. Ameriwood Home Candon Desk
from amazon.com

This computer desk for kids has two color choices, black and brown. The material is made of engineered wood, making this computer desk look elegant and attractive to beautify your tween kids’ room. In addition, it also has a small shelf on the side that your child can use to store their books and belongings.

  1. UTEX Kids Study Desk with Storage
from amazon.com

The computer may not be suitable to be installed on this desk, but your kids laptop will definitely be more comfortable to use with this white writing desk. The design is minimalist and there is a functional board that your kids can use to put sticky notes or reminders for their school.

  1. YYNM Children’s Wooden Study Table
from amazon.com

YYNM Children’s Wooden Study Table is a wooden computer desk for kids who has elegant tastes. With a white finish and deliberately cut wood, this computer desk gives you industrial vibes. In addition to the attractive design, one of the advantages on this table is the keyboard tray and a place to put the CPU which is provided for your child’s personal computer. One thing to note about this computer desk is that there are no instructions for assembly, so it may be more difficult and time consuming.

Those are recommended computer desk for kids that you can buy right now on Amazon. Hopefully this list can help you and your kids to choose the best computer desk that suits your taste. We also have recommended ones for girly kids, that you can check here.

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3 Best Computer Desks for Your Girly Kids

It’s not that hard to fulfill your daughter’s wish and buy them one of the best computer desks.

You have a daughter? Then, is your child not excited about school? Maybe it’s because of the table. Take a look, does he already have a table that suits his girly nature? Or what you buy is a table with an adult model like your favorite.

Here, we’ve rounded up 3 of the best computer desks for your girly kids. Let’s see one by one.

Pink Zipcode Design Annie Desk

from wayfair.com

Your girly kids must like this pink desk. Supported by sturdy materials, this desk is very suitable for your kids so that makes it included in one of 3 best computer desks you can buy. Unfortunately, there is no place to store books and their belongings, so you can only put one computer on this computer desk.

Fleming Children Study Desk

from gltc.co.uk

The large surface area is one of the advantages that make this Fleming Children Desk table can be used as a computer desk. Although it looks light, this table is made of sturdy material and is suitable for your girly kids with its minimalist design. In addition, this kid desk also has several integrated pen holders that make your kids stationery neater.

Argos Home Kids Malibu 3 Drawers Desk

from argos.co.uk

This kids desk may not really be suitable for PC, but you can use It for laptops and their homework. With soft pink and white colors, this table looks very girly and suits your girly kids. Coupled with shelves and three built-in drawers, your kids can store their books and belongings.

Determining a computer desk that is suitable for the device and can also follow your child’s wishes is a bit difficult. Therefore, give a gentle understanding that maybe the shape of the table you buy is the most durable and can support your family’s computer.

Hopefully this article is useful for those of you who are looking for one of the best computer desks to choose for your girly kids. You can always looking for desk recommendations in our page.

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You want to have a new layout with more space for you to work, but don’t have the budget to buy expensive corner computer desks. Don’t worry, because there are many types of desks that you can choose as a new layout for your computer desk. Some of them won’t cost you bucks, but is friendly to your wallet.

With this list, we will show you some of the best affordable corner computer desks that you can buy according to your budget.

3 Most Affordable Corner Computer Desks

LIFEFAIR L-shaped Desk

For only $100, you can already build a new layout in your room with the LIFEFAIR L-shaped desk. LIFEFAIR offers you a corner computer desks that is very functional. They provide storage functions, CPU stands, floor protectors, and even made of sturdy metal with waterproof and water-resistant materials. LIFEFAIR offers a table that is very worth trying in your room. Buy now on Amazon!

Dakota Espresso

Dakota Espresso Black Oak | amazon.com

Dakota Espresso offers the best corner computer desk at a very affordable price. $114 can get you a corner computer desk that’s sturdy and easy to install. There is even a small bookshelf on one side of the table and ample legroom for you to put other items that support your work. What are you waiting for? You can order this desk directly from amazon.

Walker Edison

Walker Edison White | amazon.com

With only $120, you can already buy this Walker Edison corner computer desk which has sturdy and strong materials for your belongings and your computer. Small legs and a thin frame make the design of this corner computer desk minimalist and doesn’t make your room feel full. In addition, this table surface is wide and also has a small keyboard tray to place your keyboard.

That is a list of the Best Affordable Corner Computer Desks for you to consider. Hopefully this article helps you to choose the best computer desk that fits your room and your budget. Some of the desks are also included in our TOP 3 Best Corner Computer Desk.

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TOP 3 Best Corner Computer Desk for Your Work!

Have a small room with an empty corner? To make you have more places to work, have you ever considered making a computer layout with a corner computer desk?
If not, try to consider it!

If so, are you still confused about which corner computer desks to choose? Well, in this article we will summarize the top 3 corner computer desks that you can choose and consider buying for your room.

Top 3 Best Corner Computer Desk

  1. Dakota Espresso
Dakota Espresso Corner Computer Desk | Amazon.com

Starting from $100 on amazon, you can buy Dakota espresso to be your desk of choice for you to work or just to decorate your room. Dakota Espresso has advantages that make it easier for users, such as its easy to assemble partition and plenty of leg space which will let you save more things below the desk. One weakness in this corner of the computer desk is that it doesn’t have a keyboard tray.

  1. Walker Edison
Edison Walker Ellis Modern L-Shaped | amazon.com

Walker Edison has a price that is not much different from before. With large dimensions, Walker Edison has advantages in its minimalist and sleek design. Unlike the Dakota Espresso, the Walker Edison has a keyboard tray, albeit a small one. For the price of $ 117, Walker Edison can be one of the best corner computer desks that you can buy now on amazon.

  1. Bush Furniture Cabot
Bush Furniture Cabot | Amazon.com

Not for your house or room, but for the company you are building. Bush Furniture Cabot is a very good choice. This best corner computer desk has in-desk hub 4 USB ports, has a large surface and compartments that can be used for file storage. Starting at $400, you can already get this very nice table.

That’s the list of TOP 3 corner computer desks that we have summarized and recommended for desks in the room, as well as for your office place. Hope this article help you choosing best desk for your work! If you’re still confused which desk should you buy, try to consider with these tips in choosing the right desk.

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How to Choose the Right Computer Desk, L-Shaped Computer Desk or The Straight One?

Choosing the best desk for our office or workplace is sometimes difficult. So many considerations that we think about. Your workspace and office are also an important factor in choosing a good work desk for the convenience of you and your own employees.

Which one is better? Straight shaped desk or L-shaped computer desk? Find out according to the factors you are considering through this article.

Office Desk to Work Better | Pexels/Anna Tarazevich

Office or Room Size

If you have a small and limited space, an L-shaped computer desk is certainly a better choice because it saves more space and maximizes the existing corner. Straight desk will make you have a smaller and limited space.

Office or Room Shape

If your room does not have symmetrical corners, a straight desk is better to use because it can be used lengthwise, adjusting the shape of the room. The straight desk is also not like the L-shaped computer desk which can make some people awkward by sitting at the intersection.

Computer Positioning | Pexels/Alexandr Podvalny

Computer Positioning

Straight desk has a simple and plain design that makes the computer have a definite place that makes it easier for the book to achieve an ergonomic work environment.

Task Sections

L-shaped computer desk will be a very good choice for people with several jobs to do at once. One side can be used for one task, and the other side can be used for other tasks. In this way too, creativity will be more easily developed by you and your employees. The difference in scenery can clearly reduce the level of boredom while working.

Should I Choose L-shaped Computer Desk or Straight One?

To choose the most appropriate work desk, consider carefully looking at many factors. In addition to the factors above, try to compare the materials and prices of each form of table and adjust it to your office or company budget. Hopefully this article can help you to choose the most appropriate office desk for your office.

Made up your mind? Look at our recommendations for L-Shaped Desk.

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