Should You Consider a Career in Education?

TeacherDuring the past couple of years, the number of people working in the education field has reduced. There were 210,900 teachers in 2015 and 208,200 teachers in 2016 which is a significant decrease in education workers by 1.3%. This begs the question of if teaching is still as popular as it once was and if it is a suitable career for you?

Roles in Education

There are quite a few different roles in the education field and they are as follows: primary school teacher, secondary school teacher, teaching assistant, special needs teacher, laboratory technician, being on a nanny paye etc. It is therefore in your best interest to take a closer look and thoroughly research all of these roles to find ones that are most suitable to your qualifications and interests. If you’re interested in a particular role but don’t have the qualifications, then you’ll need to get the required qualifications before you can apply for the job.

Private or State Schools

Another important consideration is whether you want to work in a state or private school. You should closely think about it before you start applying for roles since these two types of schools are quite different from one another. Private schools in particular tend to place greater emphasis on the quality of education, however, they are typically demanding on teachers as a result.

Conduct Research

There are a couple of ways that you can research different schools and one of them is via interviews. Another way you can research schools is by reading websites such as mumsnet where you can find lots of individual reviews of schools by parents. As mentioned before, going to an interview at a school is a great way to learn about that school. However, even if you have a good interview, that doesn’t mean the school may be good for you if there are many cases of bullying, difficult parents etc. So, you should try to take some time before or after your interview to talk to a couple of teachers and find out more information about the school and what it is like working there. You will also learn a lot by observing the body language of teachers, so make sure to take note if they look particularly frustrated, unhappy etc. You should also trust your own intuition and instincts while at the school to determine if it feels right or not.

The Truth About Teaching

Lots of people are attracted to teaching because of the seemingly fewer working hours as most schools start at 9 am and end at 3 pm as well as summer vacation. However, the truth its that you’ll have to put in even more hours to create lesson plans, mark homework and exams as well as do lessons every day and back to back in most cases. This would be in addition to dealing with children all day where you have to solve behavioural problems, constant questions and of course, lots of noise. Even if you have a bad day, you will have to hide it and simply keep on teaching as you will always have all the eyes of your students on you. Even though teaching is very stressful, it is very rewarding as well. There is no better feeling than educating children and truly making a difference in their lives. You will feel a great sense of achievement as well as a sense of purpose which will make it all worthwhile. So, be sure to think about all of these things before you enter this profession.

As with any other career, you should take the time to thoroughly contemplate whether it is good for you or not. Thankfully, there are many different roles in education, so there are always lots of opportunities to find suitable roles.