Reasons To Invest/Consider Private Tuition


Private tuition provides an opportunity for learners to understand a topic or subject they otherwise didn’t in the typical classroom setup. It also facilitates one-on-one interaction with the tutor and students. This enables the tutor to identify problem areas the student might have, then show him/her how to handle such. Most students fail in certain subjects simply because they missed a topic or didn’t understand it altogether. A student might not be able to calculate percentages if they don’t understand decimals and fractions or know how to divide numbers by 100. An experienced tutor should be able to detect the gaps and know precisely how to help out.

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A private tuition curriculum is flexible enough to fit a student’s specific needs and requirements. The tutor will identify the student’s areas of weakness, and those that need to be worked on, to improve his/her understanding and performance. Signing your kid up for private tuition can thus help him/her understand subjects much better while boosting their academic performance. Here are some of the benefits and reasons to invest in private tuition

1. A Smaller Student to Teacher Ratio
Private tuition almost always involves a smaller group of students or one-on-one arrangement. This allows the students to get undivided attention from the tutor. The tutor can thus focus on addressing the student’s unique needs.

2. The Right Tutor
Students have no choice over their teachers, which isn’t the case with private tutoring. The child is matched to the right tutor based on their specific needs and preferences. Private tutoring also ensures students get the best tutor for each subject or individualised needs.

3. Extra Review
Under normal circumstances, teachers will have limited time to review each student’s work and understanding. With the private tutor handling a smaller group, he/she can review each student’s case, enabling him/her to identify key areas to focus on to improve the student’s understanding.

4. Help With Homework
A private tutor will also help guide students in their assignments by clarifying the questions and topics in an easy-to-understand way. This drives many students to look forward to doing their homework at home, in the company of their tutor.

5. Test Practice
Studying for tests can be stressful for most students. A private tutor will help your son or daughter develop better and more effective study skills, especially when preparing for an exam. This also helps combat anxiety in the exam room, thus improved performance.

6. Confidence
Tutors spend enough time with their students, which cultivates a personalised relationship with them. The tutor can thus identify the kid’s strengths and weaknesses, then strive to bring the best out of each of them. This is particularly essential for students of average intelligence, and especially if they are well behaved. Such help them to build their confidence gradually.

7. Saves Time
Most parents hardly get time to supervise or help kids with their homework. Private tutoring not only takes the pressure off but ensures your children get the best help academically.

8. Boosts The Student’s Drive
With the students getting the tutor’s undivided attention, they have a better opportunity to stay ahead of their peers academically. This almost always improves their drive to get better grades.

9. Provides A Safe Environment for Open Discussions
Private tuition encourages students to participate in group discussions and even answer questions posed by the tutor and teachers in general. This helps build their confidence and especially when asked questions in a large setup or classroom.

10. Experiment and Enjoy New and Effective Teaching Styles
The one-on-one experience allows tutors to try different teaching styles to find the best one for each student. Students thus get to learn different ways to approach and solve problems in class and in the field.