Reasons to Consider Triple-Glazed Window

Are you looking to make your home more energy efficient? Well, you may want to consider triple-glazed windows, especially because of their added benefits. Nowadays, very few will go for single glazing. As a matter of fact, Building Regulations nowadays do not allow it, other than for listed properties.

The big question is if there will come a time where even double glazing is scratched off, and triple-glazed windows become the norm. With more and more people leaning towards energy-efficient products and conservation becoming a priority, and several arguments leaning towards glazing, you might be wondering, is getting triple-glazed windows really worth it?

But first, what sets triple glazing apart from double glazing? Also, why is it required?

If you look at any new build today, you will notice the array of glazing on windows, doors, roof lights, etc. What most people don’t know is that all this glass has energy efficiency implications as heat passes through more easily compared to insulated walls.

Thanks to stricter building regulations, manufacturers have been forced to create better products in regard to glazing. With better insulation from the two spaces of air rather than one, triple glazing has proved to be a better option. Wooden windows can give your home an authentic style and look and it engages conversation in regards to age, sustainability and quality.

Efficient Solution

Triple glazed windows are way better when it comes to insulation. Assuming that they have been installed properly, triple glazing meets and goes beyond the energy efficiency building regulations.

Low-Energy Home

Did you know that triple glazing is a standard in northern Europe where the weather is often cold? Ideally, it is considered essential in modern, low energy homes, which tend to combine an array of features to ascertain efficiency. Triple glazing provides a level of insulation that other forms of insulation find it hard to achieve.

Noise and Security Benefits

Triple glazed windows and doors can act as an intruder deterrent as they are hard to break. There is also a small benefit in regard to noise reduction. However, is noise is a major concern, there are way better insulation solutions. You can go for laminated glass or units with a bigger air gap. Solidor door designer can offer not only reduced noise but security too.

Added Extras

The 3 glass panes in triple glazed glasses aren’t what make these solutions more efficient. There are other features available in both double and triple glazed panes that enhance performance. These include an inert gas like argon between the panes, which is less conductive compared to air, thus offering better insulation.

Low E glass can ideally enhance insulation. This is a product that includes an invisible metal oxide coating in one of the panes, which helps reflect heat. Also, look for triple glazed windows and doors that feature warm edge spacer bars between the panes. They are made from a plastic composite that it conducts less heat compared to the conventional aluminium used for these products.

So, are Triple Glazed Products Worth It?

There are situations that make the answer to this question, absolutely! If you live in a place that is more often than not cold, then getting triple-glazed windows will make a significant difference than if you live in a milder region.

Glass is, without a doubt, one of the most energy-consuming manufacturing processes out there. As such, you may want to consider whether the extra pane will bring about the comfort you want other than just looking at the reduced energy bills and conserving the environment.