Just how can I enhance my CupFone?

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CupFone with Extension

Just how can I enhance my CupFone?,CupFone is a mobile phone holder that rests conveniently in your automobile’s mug owners, additionally great for usage in boats, recreational vehicle’s and also golf carts.

American Made by WeatherTech out of the finest materials, this mobile phone owner was made to flawlessly and also snugly match practically any mug holder keeping your smart phone conveniently obtainable and visible.

The CupFone adjustable phone owner fits essentially all recognized present cellphones, including those with normal sized safety cases. Fully flexible tilt and rotation permits you to conveniently see your favorite application like Navigation or Waze when driving. Makes hands complimentary voice commands simple to utilize along with hands totally free phone call.

Allows you to leave your phone plugged in while it is in the owner and you can easily, and also with one hand, remove your phone from the owner or change it without ever needing to separate your charging cable.


You never ever need to search for your cellphone once more, because you constantly recognize where it is. Permits you to keep your hands on the steering wheel and your eyes when traveling while comfortably utilizing your phone’s hands-free functions. The CupFone Expansion sets up in seconds, as well as enables you to place your phone in a more comfortable place; adding better versatility to all cars. If your cup holders are too near to your side, after that the CupFone Expansion better settings your smart phone up to 4″ farther away from you.


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If your cup owners too far away and also hard to reach, after that conveniently place your mobile phone up to 4″ more detailed. If your mug holders sit too reduced, after that conveniently increases the setting from an adjustable 1″ to 4″ greater.

Made from the same heavy-duty United States made abdominal plastic as the remainder of the CupFone. Countered design permits use billing cable at all times, and will certainly not conflict with the series of movement.

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CupFone Characteristics:
Designed utilizing interchangeable base mugs allowing you to personalize the excellent snug fit.
Take it with you on the fairway! CupFone doesn’t simply fit auto vehicles, it can likewise be adapted to fit recreational vehicles as well! Great for usage in watercrafts, golf carts as well as more!

Base allows phone to rotate 360 °, flexible for checking out from any seat setting.
Phone owner turns with complete variety of activity to allow appropriate angle of microphone and audio speakers. Handle tightens up easily as well as firmly secures placement.
CupFone’s adjustable phone holder can fit tools that measure in between 2 3/8″ to 3 3/8″ broad and 9/16″ deep!

Action 1 – Select your handles
Action 2 – Select your Amount
Step 3 – Select any type of Optional Accessories
Open up access lower lets you quickly bill your mobile phone while it is in place.
Can be utilized in multiple lorries, or on your desk, as well as it’s excellent for rental automobiles.
100% Made, Engineered, as well as Made in the U.S.A. by WeatherTech!
Optional Device CupFone Billet Knobs
Insane, yes! Essential, never! The handles that come with your CupFone are completely great and will last permanently! Nonetheless, the mechanical tool aficionado will certainly value the charm of a WeatherTech-American-Made solid billet Aluminum handles. Made out of American Made Billet Light weight aluminum, right in our Bolingbrook Factory, by a number of apprentice machinists that are discovering the trade, we provide you our solid billet Aluminum knobs as an upgrade on your CupFone. These Solid Billet handles are purely a “want” as well as certainly not a “requirement”. If you like carefully machined mechanical objects, you will love these Billet knobs. Valued like a number of fancy cups of coffee, these billet handles will supply contentment long past the 15 minutes your cup of expensive coffee will certainly last. Cool is Valuable!

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