How Covid-19 Has Impacted The Technology Industry

When the Covid-19 virus broke out in China, it caused a complete global pandemic and supply chains around the world was completely disrupted. There are now more than 125,000 cases of the Coronavirus that is spread throughout 118 countries. The consequences of this virus have truly become quite wide and not as predictable as expected.

Due to the containment efforts for this virus, Mobile World Congress was cancelled as well as many other seminal conferences. Due to the fact that more people are forced to work remotely, the telecommunications industry and small businesses such as Fusion Voice & Data has had to deal with delayed initiatives and has had to think of new ways to deliver their services.

With that said, this industry has found numerous ways to continue to function while ensuring that everyone stays healthy. One way was by helping various other companies to set up videoconferencing capabilities. They have even helped many governments to use this technology in order to share essential information about the virus with the public. They have even found multiple ways to use smart city technologies so that the effects of the pandemic could be reduced.

1. The Coronavirus pandemic caused a huge disruption to global supply chains.

The Coronavirus started in China which caused this country to be hard hit where many of the citizens had to quarantine. Due to this, numerous factories and plants in China had to be shutdown, either fully or partially. Unfortunately, quite many of these factories and plants were creating various products and goods for popular technology companies. One such company is Apple and this shutdown resulted in a reduced supply of iPhones since their manufacturer in China (Foxconn) had to shut down the majority if their operations.

2. The cancellation of essential technology conferences resulted in many missed partnerships.

The Mobile World Congress conference was supposed to take place in Barcelona between February 24th to February 27th. However, this conference had to be cancelled because of the Coronavirus. This was a very important conference since it was a meeting place for lots of huge tech companies in order for them to share their technology findings, network as well as become partners. Due to the Coronavirus, these companies where forced to reschedule and even cancel many of the events that they planned.

3. Due to the fact that this pandemic increased the need for remote communication, it showed how necessary 5G technology was needed and it may have even sped up its implementation.

5G technology offers instant communication and extremely fast speeds which make it excellent for remote communication. This has become more important for many enterprises in order to continue business safely during this pandemic.

4. Covid-19 showed how useful virtual reality could be in enterprises which may have sped up the implementation and usage of this technology.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the vast majority of technology companies such as Google, Apple, Microsoft etc have implemented work at home policies for their employees. Other companies such as Amazon have actually greatly reduced any travel to countries that are badly hit such as Italy, China, USA etc. This was done out of an abundance of safety but it also led to the inhibition of collaboration. As a result of these downsides, many companies are now looking at ways that they can collaborate without being physically present and one such technology that is being considered is virtual reality.

5. Tech has been shown to be invaluable when it comes to crisis management which will result in even more investments in smart city solutions.

In order to deal with the negative impacts of the Coronavirus, many cities throughout the world have actually greatly used smart city technology. For example, in China, the police are using drones that are equipped with thermal sensors in order to quickly identify individuals that have a high temperature or fever. In another example, South Korea has created an app that easily enables persons who are in self quarantine to easily communicate with their caseworkers so that they can ask questions as well as provide status updates. Australia has also created a chatbot that helps its citizens by answering their many questions and ensuring that incorrect information is not spread.