Greener Building Products

Mobilanes – Outdoor Product Range

As our cities continue to develop, designers and architects are now faced with even greater environmental-based challenges in built environments. Below is information on 3 systems developed by Mobilane that can match up to these challenges, blending and harmonising nature with modern cities.

#1 LivePanel

The patented LivePanel system involves an innovative and unique vertical-landscaping application. For both outdoors and indoors, LivePanel is a type of sustainable “living wall” green walls system, which has become extremely popular, helping to make a lot more urban spaces greener.

The LivePanel system seamlessly transforms walls that were once cold and boring into living and warm surfaces. These modular “living wall” systems come with exchangeable plant-cassettes that are made up of cups to place plants into. Each cassette row is positioned into a duct-rail that absorbs water from a duct through a type of capillary system.

LivePanel is useful for many vertical-landscaping applications and it is easy to install on different wall types.


Low water consumption
Exchangeable cassettes
Quick assembly and easy installation: the cassettes are pre-planted, translating into a minimal nuisance at a project site
Modular system
Outdoor and indoor application
The construction is compact, meaning it occupies very little space
Low odour
Thermal insulation benefits
Noise-reducing properties
Contributes to a healthier climate through dust capture and oxygen production
Green Screen
Contributes to biodiversity

#2 Green Screens

Privacy is vital when using green hedges in the form of a divider. You often have to wait many years before your hedge becomes dense enough in order to provide privacy. The Green Screen by Mobilane is installed instantly, providing the illusion that your hedge has already been there for a long time.

This patented Mobilane system consists of a type of metal grid, which is covered entirely with vegetation. The plants come in biodegradable pots and compost. The coconut pots degrade within 1 to 2 years, while the plants secure themselves by rooting into the subsoil that surrounds the plants.

Mobilane also offers different varieties, providing customers with choices on the type of hedge they would like. This has helped to create variation when it comes to the different plant types, heights, and colours.

Since the Green Screen comes in a variety of versions, you can use it as a type of divider in different ways. Some of these ideas include creating a garden room, and a way to separate swimming pools, patios, or carports. The Green Screen can also be an attractive addition when used in wooden containers in areas such as a patio or balcony.

Green Screen Benefits

Easy maintenance
Green, dense hedges create instant privacy
Attractive and sustainable divider for all types of surroundings
You can plant these hedges at any time of the year, excepting during the frost periods
Available in various types
High-quality fencing that comes with a 10-year guarantee
Available in various heights, which will depend on the variety of the plant
Fixing materials and posts are also made available
Contributes to biodiversity
Lowers air pollution

#3 MobiRoof

It is a complex task to try and create green environments within urban areas. Yet the MobiRoof Green Roofing System, means you do not have to wait for this. The MobiRoof is a system that includes sedum cassettes that simply click into one another. This is the best option for green roofs, for garages, carports, storage buildings, and garden houses.

This innovative lightweight cassette-system comes planted with different sedum plant types along with a specialized substrate dedicated to rainwater storage and drainage. You can also replace the cassettes, providing an added advantage to this system. This allows you to design your sedum roof according to what you want.

MobiRoof Features:

Lowers air pollution
The cassettes consist of a regenerated non-toxic polypropylene
Contributes to biodiversity
Lowers rainwater run-off
The substrate has the appropriate drainage and water retention characteristics
The planting includes a blend of different sedum species