5 Best Free Screen Sharing Apps For Windows. You Must Try!!

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Screen Sharing Apps and remote access software allow one computer to access another computer and control mouse and keyboard input when connected via an Internet or network connection. This can bring up images of malicious users having easy access to your device. However, participating screen programs and remote access software use a high level of security so that only authorized persons have access.

Some of the security features are word protection, translated data transmission, reopened access, and blacklisting unwanted connections. It’s easier than ever for you to access your computer or let others access it. There is a huge selection of amazing tools at your disposal and some of them are even free. Here are some popular, well-tested options.

Free Screen Sharing Apps For Windows

Free Screen Sharing Apps For Windows | Techadvisor.com

5 Best Free Screen Sharing Apps For Windows


AnyDesk is another popular remote desktop apps. Like TeamViewer, AnyDesk is also easy to use and offers a lot of features. The same applies to the usage model; AnyDesk can be used free of charge for personal use, while for business use it costs US$10.99 per month excluding tax for one device and is paid annually.

One of the differences between AnyDesk and TeamViewer is that AnyDesk’s file size is small, only around 3.2 MB instead of the 25.7 MB like TeamViewer, and can run without needing to be installed.

Team Viewer

TeamViewer is arguably one of the most popular remote desktop applications. Apart from being easy to use, TeamViwer also offers many features such as the ability to take screenshots, transfer files, and print support in certain editions.

TeamViewer can be used for free for non-commercial purposes, while for commercial purposes the license price for one user is IDR 345,000 per month which is paid annually.


Screenleap is one of the most bare- bones screen sharing tools out there, but its lack of complexity makes it lightning presto to use.

It’s ideal when you need to give a quick tutorial to a coworker or present to a customer without forcing them to download and install commodity heavy- duty or indeed jump onto a videoconferencing app.


Slack is presumably where you and your platoon formerly hang out. With so numerous integrations with the other apps you use at work, it’s like a dashboard and universal exertion feed. Since so important is formerly going on inside Slack.


Drovio ( formerly USE Together) is designed with conditioning like brace programming and designing in mind.

All Drovio screen sharing session actors get a cursor they can use to control the host’s screen, so multiple druggies can contemporaneously work in different corridor of the same screen while on a voice call.

That’s a summary of the Top 5 Free Screen Sharing For Window that we can present, hopefully it will be useful for all of us.

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