Dispelling Common Shapewear Myths And Misconceptions

Considering shapewear is designed to create a clearly defined silhouette, it’s surprising how many blurred impressions surround the area of fashion. Who’s shapewear for? When do you wear it? What’s the best way to wear it? Should you even wear it at all? All of those questions and more lead to a lot of misconceptions and myths surrounding shapewear in 2020. Here at Elle Courbee, we’ve decided to help you choose the correct size for your shapewear, and make it our job to clarify some of those misconceptions. It’s our view that shapewear is much more accessible, versatile and enjoyable than many imagine.

Sizing Myths

One common sizing myth about shapewear is that the smaller it is the more effective it will be. However, you should never subscribe to the aspiration sizing trap. Wearing shapewear that is too small for your body will not magically reduce your dress size. Keep in mind that the goal of shapewear is the smooth your silhouette and refine your shape. Items that are too small will cause lumps and bumps. Furthermore, they’re likely to be incredibly uncomfortable. Shapewear should help you to feel more confident not cause you pain.

Meanwhile, shapewear that is too big will also be uncomfortable. To provide the best results, you need to invest in shapewear that has an accurate fit. A well-fitted bodysuit or perfectly sized control shorts should be comfortable to wear. There is no reason to go up a size. In fact, buying shapewear that is one of more sizes too big will cause your clothes to roll up and shift around, resulting in a lumpy silhouette.

Clientele Myths

Many people wrongly believe that shapewear is only for people that are plus-sized. But, shapewear is designed for everyone and your BMI is irrelevant. Plenty of non-plus sized women use shapewear to give them more body confidence. The purpose of shapewear is to smooth out your figure and clarify our silhouette. It can also offer support and make you feel more comfortable.

Shapewear is not just for special occasions. The shapewear market is now huge and there are pieces for all occasions including everyday wear. You might use a control slip to feel confident in your favourite summer party frock. Meanwhile, you might prefer a pair of small control briefs when wearing your jeans. You can make your shapewear collections as versatile as your wardrobe. You can find designs to match all your overgarments.

Use Myths

A lot of people wrongly assume that shapewear will make them sweaty and uncomfortable. However, the technology behind shapewear has advanced considerably in recent decades and modern fabrics are designed to be extra malleable and breathable. Today’s shapewear will not irritate your skin or cause excess sweating. Furthermore, panelling on modern pieces ensure that shaping is targeted to specific areas of the body. As a result, compression will not cause any discomfort. The latest pieces can also be machine washed on a delicate cycle without losing their effectiveness for convenience.

At its base, shapewear is simply an extension of your wardrobe. It enables you to create a smooth, shapely silhouette which will enhance your body confidence. Shapewear is now incredibly mainstream and there is no longer any stigma attached to wearing it. The secrets out, so don’t be afraid to use. Just be sure to buy the correct size for your body shape and explore a wide range of styles.