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Predicted Drop in Plastic Demand Despite Its Use in the Fight Against Covid-19

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We will discuss the fall in demand for plastic in this article and how that will impact our country as we continue to battle Covid-19. Drop in Consumption of Plastic According to LyondellBasell Industries, the demand for plastic is going to fall this year even though food packaging, masks, and one-use items are being used ….  Continue Reading

Robotic milking technology: Technology, farm design, and effects on workflow

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With the capacity to milk up to 250 cows, robotic milking minimises the labour intensiveness of dairy farms of all sizes and provides farm families with a more flexible lifestyle. Since milking is voluntary, the frequency of milking can be improved with barn layouts that promote low-stress access by offering enough open space close to ….  Continue Reading

Streaming Video Is Changing Everything

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Streaming video is taking the world by storm and drastically changing everything that we previously knew. This leaves communication companies all around the globe searching for new and improved methods to diversify revenue streams. However, they’re also working tirelessly to ensure that they’re doing everything in their power to increase their ROI. With that said, ….  Continue Reading