12 Best Photo Editing Apps For Android

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Best Photo Editing Apps For Android, For those of you who are interested in take a picture  and improving the quality of your photos as best as possible, there are several steps. It starts with selecting and adjusting the camera, lighting, shooting method and the application used to take the photo. But it doesn’t stop there, there is one final step, namely editing (Photo Editor). No matter how perfect the image you take, in most cases, there is a way to improve it. One effective way today is to use a photo editing app on your phone.

Of course, when you talk about photo editing there are a lot of apps out there. When we type the best photo editing application on the Google Playstore, you will find hundreds or thousands of search results.

So in this article, we are going to talk about some of the best photo editing apps for android. The application must come from a trusted source, so that the application is really good and has excellent features to make it easier and help the photo editing process you want.

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Best Photo Editing For Android

1. Snapseed

About 7 years or so ago, Snapseed started from the App Store as a paid app exclusively for the iPad, but the app won unparalleled success that caught Google’s attention and bought its parent company. Since Google took over the app, it has become free and available for many platforms especially Android. Of course, the things that made Snapseed different from the start are still there with lots of additions. In simple terms we can say this app is perfect for photography lovers.

Snapseed Photo Editor offers a wide range of editing possibilities. Starting with color, focus point, image temperature, exposure and more can be manipulated. Of course, the app includes a large selection of built-in photo filters, but unlike the usual photo editing apps, the filters available on Snapseed are a bit “serious” and tend to be more for professionals than beginners. So this application can be said to be a portable alternative to image or photo editing software on a computer.

Best Photo Editing Apps For Android

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2. Pixlr

If Snapseed doesn’t quite satisfy your needs for some reason, or you want a different approach to the available features. The best alternative and competitor in the industry here is Pixlr. This application comes from Autodesk, a major company in the field of engineering and 3D design software. However, this app might be a bit out of the ordinary corporate domain. Pixlr is a truly unique photo editor app with a feature set that’s hard to beat. Of course, it’s very easy to control even on a relatively small screen.

Basically Pixlr Photo Editor has all the features of Snapseed. Which means you won’t be missing anything when you start using it. Just like Snapseed, this app is serious about what’s available in it. Although there are hundreds of variable filters, which are really meant to improve the quality of a photo or image.

3. PicsArt

The best photo editing application on Android, this one may already be known to everyone. This app is actually very popular with almost half a billion downloads. PicsArt is the most downloaded photo editing application for mobile phones that has features that are attractive to users. Unlike the previous two apps, PicsArt is not just an image enhancing app, but a real photo editing app. This app works as if it were the famous Photoshop program but for smartphones.

PicsArt Photo Editor includes everything the average user can really imagine. You can manipulate, crop, and paste other images on top of it. And of course, this includes options to take pictures, add filters, stickers and write on photos. In short, the options available in the app seem endless. There is no doubt that PicsArt deserves its immense popularity. But to get the advanced features in this application, you have to be willing to spend money to enjoy all the excellent features.

4. Photoshop

Unlike the previous applications, which discussed about a single application, but now we are talking about Adobe’s image editing package. Of course, everyone knows Photoshop on computers, but on mobile, it’s actually different. After discontinuing Photoshop Mobile, the company launched a suite of apps to replace it. This package includes the following applications:Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop Express, Adobe Photoshop Mix, Adobe Photoshop Fix.

Neither of these apps offers the full features of the popular Photoshop photo editing software. Together, they provide everything a casual or professional user needs in a different way. Express allows you to add text and filters and make minor improvements. Lightroom enables advanced photo enhancements for photography enthusiasts. Mix focuses on merging, cropping, and merging images. Of course, Fix focuses on correcting image defects and removing distracting objects. Finally, there’s Sketch, which acts as a drawing board and shows its true power when used on a Samsung Note series tablet or phone.

Using these five apps offers everything you can think of with enough advanced settings to satisfy even professionals. The main drawback, of course, is that the features are spread across five different apps rather than one. Getting used to these apps together takes time, but if you want the best that’s available on phones today, you need to invest the time and effort into learning without a doubt.

5. Cymera Photo Editor

If your definition of photo editing app is closer to entertainment and making funny pictures. Cymera Photo Editor is the best photo editing app. For example, the app doesn’t support the professional editing capabilities of packages like Photoshop, but it does offer a variety of simple and fast customization options. This means that this app is suitable for casual users who like to have fun.

In general, this app offers too many features. Everything from filters, frames and stickers can be applied and even more complicated things like enhancing and enhancing images and even removing distracting parts within them. And of course, the app supports making photo collages with lots of options for organizing photos. Of course, like any other app, Cymera’s photo editing app includes paid extras, but there’s also a huge variety of free content that is more than enough for you to use.

Best photo editing for android you can use to edit your photos. Even using your smartphone you can do photo editing more easily.

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