Computer Accessories: 3 BEST Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Keyboards are one of the must have items as your computer accessories. There are several types of keyboards depending on the use and the material. There are also types of keyboards such as membrane and mechanical which are commonly heard if you are a computer gaming enthusiast.

In the following list, we will provide recommendations for mechanical keyboards as your computer accessories.

Why mechanical? Because compared to membrane keyboards, most mechanical keyboards have a longer durability.

G.Skill KM360


The first keyboard is the G.Skill KM360. This keyboard is quite admired by gaming keyboard lovers because it is counted as the most affordable gaming mechanical keyboard. This keyboard has a bright white led under the keycaps which makes the keyboard look simple but still elegant. Unfortunately, those of you who like RGB effects don’t seem to be able to buy this keyboard because this computer accessory doesn’t have RGB effects.

Keychron K2 (version 2)


Keychron K2 (version 2) is the next recommendation that we recommend for you. The price is not too expensive, but commensurate with the advantages offered, namely great build quality and also seamless connectivity. One that might be a bit annoying is the slightly scratchy texture of the switches. In addition to these shortcomings, we can also call this keyboard the most affordable wireless mechanical keyboard.

Logitech G915 Lightspeed


With the previous two keyboards that did not have RGB LEDs, finally there is one keyboard that has RGB LEDs as its backlight, namely the Logitech G915 Lightspeed. What makes this keyboard one of the computer accessories we recommend is its lag-free wireless, great battery life, and low-profile mechanical switches. This keyboard is perfect for fans of RGB LED mechanical keyboards.

With the keyboards recommendations above, can you decide which computer accessories to buy? Hopefully our recommendations can help you to consider more about your choice.

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Computer Stand Recommendations

Sometimes computer seats and desks that we use do not have the ideal height, so either we are looking down too much or looking up too much.

A laptop or computer stand really helps us to overcome the difference in height which helps us to avoid neck cramps.

Where can we buy laptop or computer stand? Everywhere, computer shops and online marketplaces. Then, what computer stand should we buy?

Here we summarize some computer stands that you can buy to solve your problem or simply to enhance your setup.

ObVus Solutions Laptop Tower Stand

ObVus Computer stand

Starting at $65, you can get a solution for neck pain from a misplaced laptop. ObVus offers laptop stands that are sturdy, light, and sleek. The height and position are also adjustable so you can adjust it according to your comfort level.

SUPERJARE Dual Monitor Stand Riser


Perfect as your computer stand, SUPERJARE provides a solution at an affordable price. Starting at $36, you can already get a laptop stand or computer stand that can elevate your monitor. In addition, you can store unused keyboards and mice in or under the stand itself so that your desk will always look neat.

Nnewvante Laptop Stand

For those of you who like to use a laptop from bed, this laptop stand can be your choice. With sturdy materials, the price of $ 46 will give you the best laptop stand product.

Rain Design mBar Pro+


If you like a minimalist and unobtrusive design, then Rain Design mBar Pro+ is the right choice. Super minimalist design and not at all flashy, will keep your desk looking clean with a laptop that is in a position according to your needs.

Those are some recommendations for laptop stands or monitor stands for your computer. Laptop stands are just computer accessories and you don’t have to have it, but it will make you more comfortable at using your computers or laptops, so consider buying it! Hopefully these recommendations can help you choose and buy the right computer stands for your needs.

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Best 3 Computer Desk with Drawers or Shelves to Store Your Files

Your computer desk should not only be used for putting your computer and daily activities, but also for storing files you need while working. Storing files can be by adding storage outside the desk you use, or you can also buy a desk with in-built drawers or shelves to store the paper, books, and files you need.
In this article, we will provide computer desk with drawers or shelves recommendations that are expected to be your new desk choice to replace your current computer desk.

Best 3 Computer Desk with Drawers or Shelves

The Walker Edison Modern Computer Gaming Desk


Could be your first choice because this gaming computer desk has open shelves that you can use to store things you need to write, for example, or other important files. The table surface itself is wide enough for you to arrange the PC you have built.

Sauder Palladia L-Shaped Desk


Our second computer desk with drawers recommendation is the Sauder Palladia L-Shaped Desk which has a luxurious build to make your room look grand and luxurious. This computer desk has many drawers that you can use to store files. It’s just, this desk maybe too big and expensive for some people.

John Lewis & Partners Abacus Corner Desk


The third choice you make can fall to this corner of the computer desk. With open shelves on the left and right, this table can be the right choice for those of you who need a lot of storage. Even though it only comes with one color choice, the light brown color typical of wood is no less beautiful to combine with your room. This computer desk is equipped with a keyboard tray so that this desk is very complete.

If you are looking for a computer desk with drawers or shelves as additional storage for your files, well, those are our recommendations. Hopefully you can soon find a computer desk that suits your tastes and needs. Follow these tips on how to take care of your desk and keep it neat.

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Beware of These 4 Causes Computer Vision Syndrome

Basically, Computer Vision Syndrome is a symptom of eye fatigue. The symptoms are for example eyes becomes red, watery, itchy, tired, and sometimes can give us headache. You might see other symptoms that are different each people.

This is because the eye looks at the computer screen at a certain distance continuously, even for hours at work. The effect will be stiffness in the eye muscles, so that when looking at a distance the object looks double or blurry, but the effect is only temporary and will be harmful if you get used to it.

from freepik/Karlyukav

What cause Computer Vision Syndrome?

All the diseases that we suffer from not only occur because of one cause, but several causes at once. Even going out of the house can also irritate us, right? However, Computer Vision Syndrome is different from usual eye irritation because it is distinguished from the cause. The causes of Computer Vision Syndrome itself, can be seen as follows.

  • Eye muscles movements are too exaggerated from movements when staring at the screen
  • Computer screen’s letters are generally not as sharp as on printed paper, so that we unconsciously force our eyes to focus more on reading them.
  • The beaming and flickering of the light coming from the screen adds more workload on the eyes.
  • The frequency of the eyes to blink tends to decreasing when staring at the screen. This causes your eyes to become drier.

Maintaining eye health by resting from the computer layer and looking at other things to get the eyes to get a break is also very important for us, especially for people who work daily in front of the screen. Eye muscle exercises and eye stretching can be one of your options to rest your eyes.

Also, we can always our eyes to get tired and away from Computer Vision Syndrome by doing some actions like in this article. Let’s take care of our eye health at all costs.

Looking for other sources are highly recommended, such as video attached below.

Computer VIsion Syndrome Video
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3 Must Have Headphone as Your Computer Accessories for Gamers

Headphones are one of the computer accessories for gamers that you must have. In addition to listening to songs, good headphones can make your gaming experience more meaningful. The microphone attached to the headphones also definitely helps you to communicate with your teammates.

Here we recommend computer accessories for gamers: the best headphones.

SteelSeries Arctis 7P/7X ($175)


This headphone has become a favorite of many people because of its compatibility will every OS, starting from Windows PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Switch, Android, etc. so that people only need to buy one headphone and it can be used for almost all devices they have. For gaming on your computer, there is no need to doubt the quality of this accessory. Unfortunately, the quality of the music that comes out on these headphones could still be better.

Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT ($269)


These headphones are Bluetooth headphones that are included in the best headphone list to complete your computer accessories list. The same, can be used on almost all operating systems, making these headphones a favorite apart from wireless and Bluetooth technology. Practical and can be taken anywhere with good sound quality makes these headphones even better.

Logitech G Pro X ($65)


Built for tournament play, this computer accessories for gamers certainly offers magnificent quality. One drawback of these headphones is that they still can’t go wireless, but that’s also what makes these headphones usable on all types of devices. For those of you whose laptop doesn’t support Bluetooth and prefer headphones with cables, these headphones are perfect for you.

That’s our recommendation of headphones to add your computer accessories for gamers to be completed. There are still many computer accessories that you must have as a gamer, so keep a budget and don’t spend too much money on one item, OK? Happy choosing the item that fits your needs!

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Prevent Computer Vision Syndrome

As a complement to your computer setup, there are 7 essential computer accessories that you must have. These accessories not only help your productivity in using the computer, but also help to improve your health and prevent your body from reacting negatively to sitting for hours in front of a computer screen.

7 Essential Computer Accessories:

  • Mouse
Mouse | freepik/DCstudio

A mouse is a must-have tool when building a PC. For laptops, the mouse can be an optional accessory to replace the mousepad already installed on your laptop. Choosing a mouse, especially for gamers, must be wise because later the mouse will determine the movement of your game character.

  • Keyboard
Keyboard | freepik/DCstudio

In addition to the mouse, the keyboard is also included in the must-have laptop or computer accessories. There are various types of laptops ranging from membrane, mechanical, typewriter, etc. Adjusting the keyboard to your tastes and workload will also really help your health, especially your wrists, especially if you use the keyboard to type for a long time.

  • Monitor
Monitors | freepik/DCstudio

The monitor is another computer accessory that should not be missed. There are various sizes of monitors that also make us have to think carefully before buying so that we can also wear them comfortably.

  • Headphones
Headphones |

Listening to songs and watching movies on the computer will be even more exciting with this accessory. with various types of headphones, headsets, earphones, and others we can choose the most comfortable to use for our ears.

  • Computer desk
Computer Desk | freepik/DCstudio

It is impossible for us not to install our computer on the computer desk because it is the desk that makes us comfortable using the computer. Choosing your own desk can be difficult if you have a room that is not too large. Don’t forget to look for other tips and tricks or our recommendations.

  • Computer chair
Computer Ergonomic Chair | freepik/DCstudio

There is already a table, of course we need chairs too. In fact, it could just take a regular chair to pair with our table. However, a special computer chair will certainly make your back more comfortable even if you have to sit and type for a long time.

  • Microfiber cloth
Clean your computer | freepik

Microfiber cloth is a microfiber cloth, computer accessories that you must have to clean the monitor, keyboard, and the top of your computer. The dust that accumulates on our devices will certainly be harmful both to our health and our computer’s.

Those are 7 computer accessories that you must have to complete your computer setup. Where is it, that you haven’t bought yet?

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Maximize Your Mobile Marketing

White is a neutral color that can go well with many other colors. No need to worry about changing the color of the walls or wallpaper every few months, if you have a white computer desk, it will definitely look good and beautiful. White corner computer desk or the straight one will works every time.

Here, we have a recommendation for a white corner computer desk that will be very elegant combined with the walls of your home.

Sauder Northcott L-Shaped Computer Desk


The clean white color with lots of drawers for storage of goods makes Sauder Northcott a white corner computer desk that you must have. In addition to drawers, this corner computer desk still provides a large space both on the table surface and under the table legs, which makes it easier for you to put a lot of things, including your computer accessories and make your home neater.

Argos Home Calgary Corner Office Desk


Marketed in the UK, this corner computer desk made by Argos has a sturdy material with an elegant finish. The clean white color with veneer makes this table the right choice to become your favorite computer desk. In addition, the amount of storage made on this table will make your things neater and support the beauty of your home.

Walker Edison Tempered Glass Computer Desk


As the name implies, this L-shaped or corner computer desk has smart tempered glass and metal as its material. In addition to the material that makes this computer desk look very elegant, this computer desk is equipped with a CPU stand that is the right size and can keep your CPU from directly touching the ground. Still equipped with a keyboard tray, this corner computer desk is perfect to be your desk of choice.

Those are three recommendations for an elegant white corner computer desk that you can buy to match the beauty in your home. Don’t forget to consider on the function of these tables and make your home more beautiful.

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3 Beautiful White Computer Desks to Complete Your Layout

We want some beautiful white computer desks.

Choosing to buy goods according to their appearance is never wrong. Choosing to buy goods according to their function is also the right thing to do. If you could choose the beauty and usefulness of an item, that would be even better, wouldn’t it?

Choosing a computer desk is also the same. Many of us love white because it is a neutral color that looks great with any color. The computer desk is the same, a white computer desk can certainly be our choice to beautify the room where we use our computers every day.

Here we give you recommendation for a white computer desks that you can use as a reference for your home.

Latitude Run Sauve Floating Desk


This white computer desk has a unique design that allows you to mount it on the wall so you can save space when the desk is not in use. In addition, this computer desk also has a chalkboard-like surface that helps us to write reminders or teach our kids. However, the weakness of this desk is that it is difficult to assemble so it will take more time to assemble it.

IKEA Pahl Desk


Furniture items at IKEA are known to be affordable for many people. This computer desk is suitable for teenagers who are growing and need to use the computer frequently. It is designed very simply with a charming white color. One advantage of this desk is that it is easy to assemble so teenage girls can also install this desk by themselves.

Coavas Industrial Folding Desk

This is a lightweight computer desk that can be folded up when not in use. There is no plain white color option, but Coavas provides an oak option with charming white table legs and an oak table surface. The size of this desk is ideal for your computer, sturdy, and very easy to assemble, so this one of the best white computer desks is highly recommended to decorate your home.

Those are three white computer desks recommendations that we can recommend for you. Before choosing white desk, make sure you know how to keep your desk clean and stylish with elegant white!

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7 Things That Will Make Your White Computer Desk Stays Neat

Often, we don’t want to choose white furniture because the dust or dirt will be clearly visible. With that dirt, our desk no longer looks beautiful and it makes our house look dirty too.

However, the white color can be very elegant in our homes if we can take care of it. Then, how should we take care of our furniture, especially our white computer desk that we use daily?

Let’s see some tips below.

from Pexels/Ken Tomita

Prepare cleaning materials that is suitable for your white computer desk material

Different desk materials need different cleaning tools. Get to know the material used for your table first before preparing the cleaning tool. Examples of some cleaning tools you can use are:

  • Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloths. The softest material that is safe for all materials.
  • Clean Dish Cloth can be used to clean coarser materials. For surfaces such as glass and stainless, avoid scrubbing.
  • Dish Soap. For cleaning stubborn stains.
  • Magic Sponge can be used to clean metal tables which are more scratch resistant.
  • Hairspray can be used to clean pen stains on harder materials. Before using hairspray, test it in a slightly hidden area to make sure it won’t damage the material.
  • White Vinegar to clean wood veneer. You can mix it with warm water to remove stains.
  • Baby Oil. It can make the stainless-steel material shine beautifully.
from Freepik/wayhomestudio

Clean carefully

To clean your white computer desk, you must do it carefully. Do not scrub too hard or your table top may be damaged. Buying a scratch resist table material will also help you avoid damage, so you only need to clean the dust that may stick to the surface.

Those are some tips that you can do to take care of your white computer desk. Don’t let the little things stop you from buying the things you want. You can also see our white computer desk recommendations.

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The Best Gaming Computer Desk in 2022 You Want to Buy

To use a computer or PC, you need some supporting equipment so that the computer or PC can run properly, both external and internal equipment. One of the equipment or supporting factors for those of you who want to operate a computer or PC is a computer desk for sure.

The desk is one of the external factors that you should not underestimate, because it turns out that the computer desk is an important factor that is useful for you and for your computer as well. Talking about computer desks, it turns out that there are computer desks, especially for gaming that you can buy at affordable prices.

Curious? Let’s look at the best gaming computer desk in 2022 we have provided for you.

FlexiSpot Height Adjustable Gaming Desk


Affordable, comfortable, and durable are some of the advantages that this gaming computer desk has. The height of this table can be adjusted up to 48 inches, and the adjusting knob is an automatic knob. Cool, right? The table itself is up to 55 inches wide. For the price of this table, it is quite affordable, which is still under $400. Wow, don’t you want to buy this gaming computer desk?

IKEA Utespelare


Indeed, IKEA may not be the best place to buy your gaming needs, but it never hurts to check out one of their products, Utespelare. This desk is very sturdy, more than capable of supporting a gaming PC with multiple monitors. Metal nets behind the desk can also provide ventilation for your electronics.
What’s more, this table can be adjusted in height to 27 and 30 inches, and has its own cable management net.

Thermaltake ToughDesk 500L RGB BattleStation


This desk is an option for those of you who prefer an L-shaped gaming computer desk. This gaming computer game is specially made with the wishes of gamers in mind, especially gamers who plan to spend one long session of their game. The features of this computer gaming desk are also many, including cable management to RGB lighting.

Those are three gaming computer desks that we can recommend for you and you can find the other recommendations here. Hopefully it can help you in choosing the best gaming computer desk that suits your needs.

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