Are You Suited To Working In Education?


The number of people working in education has reduced in the last few years. To put this into perspective, there were 210,900 teachers in 2015 whereas in 2016 there were only 208,200 teachers which is a 1.3% reduction. This makes us consider that teaching may no longer be as popular, and it may or may not be the best career for you.

The Roles of a Teacher

In education and teaching, there are many different roles such as primary and secondary school teachers, special needs teachers, teaching lab techs, teaching assistants etc. As a result, you should carefully consider all of these roles to see which one you prefer. Also, each of these roles requires that you have the particular qualifications and you need to figure out the requirements before you pursue any particular role.

Going Private or State

Before you apply for any particular teaching role, you should also think about whether you want to work in a private or state school since they are quite different from one another. Typically speaking, private schools usually offer a better-quality education, however, there is a greater amount of pressure to perform and do well while working at a private school. If you are bilingual this is a skill that a lot of parents want and look for to be instilled in their children, french nurseries are a good place to look at for employment.


There are many ways to research a school and one of the best ones is through an interview. Other methods include reviewing websites such as Mumsnet in order to read what people and parents in particular think about various schools.

Now, even if you may have a great interview, that doesn’t mean you’ll enjoy working at the school, especially if the parents tend to complain a lot, there is a lot of bullying etc. So, when you go for an interview, you should try to talk to teachers working at the school so that you can find out if they like working there or not.

It is actually easy to tell if people are happy working in a school or not based on whether or not they seem happy, general approach-ability etc. This should give you a heads up and you should also trust your gut feelings when you are in the school to determine if you truly want to work there or not.

What Teaching Is Actually Like?

Theoretically, teaching seems like a fantastic job since you’ll be able to start around 9 am and finish at an early 3pm. There is also time off during the summer where you have 6 weeks to relax. This may seem like a great deal; however, teaching may be quite different from this expectation. This is because in addition to teaching during your working hours, you’ll also need to correct homework, prepare lesson plans etc which will take up a lot of time. So, teaching is just like any other job and can be quite stressful.

You will also have to deal with the bad behaviour of the children and even if you have a bad day, you simply have to get on with teaching. You’ll always have a classroom full of children looking at you and will have countless questions to answer.

Even though teaching is difficult, it is also quite rewarding because you will make a difference in the lives of the children that you teach. School for disabled is a very rewarding environment in that you get to not only educate and help the children who attend but also make firm relationships with their parents. This gives you a wonderful sense of achievement and purpose. So, be sure to think about all of these things and be fully aware of what the job entails.

You should take the time to thoroughly research and learn about this job like you would with any other job. Teaching has lots of different roles so there are multiple opportunities to find a particular role that is in line with your education and skills.