A Checklist For Home Maintenance Throughout the Year

There are a lot of elements that involve home maintenance that it is impossible to talk about them all in this read. Also, every home is different, and the to-do list of a listed building will vary a lot from a new apartment. However, there are two things that we all have in common: our homes are our biggest investment and treat these spaces like a castle. That being said, let us look at some of the things to address in terms of home maintenance.

The tasks here are categorised by season when it makes the most sense to handle them. When you tackle these, you will avoid the unforeseen costs of hiring professionals for repairs and replacements in the future.


Inspect the roof for any damage that might have occurred during winter

If you have air bricks, ensure they’re clear and clean. That’s because they allow air to floor under the space under suspended timber floors. If they get blocked, chances are space will become damp, which can lead to floor damage, odours, etc.

Clean both sides of the windows. Check the frames for rot or damage. Keep in mind that a patch repair is way cheaper and easier to handle than a rot

Turn down the thermostat when the temperature begins to rise.

This season also presents an excellent time to put away winter items, do a general clear out and take out your seasonal items. For a bigger clear out, consider hiring a garbage removal service.

Look for reputable tradespeople to help with repairs and maintenance.


As the weather starts to get warmer, it is time to pay attention to outdoor maintenance. Things to do include:

  • Repair and repaint outdoor woodwork including doors, window frames, fascia‚Äôs and fencing.
  • Clean the garden furniture
  • Jet wash the decking and clean the patios
  • Prune any big shrubs and trees close to your house in order to minimise water usage, which can contribute to subsidence.
  • Also trim any climbing plants to prevent growth on gutters and windows.
  • Get the boiler serviced
  • This is also the best time to do repainting.


This is the season where you begin to make your home winter ready. Some of the most important things to do include:

  • Clean and store the garden furniture
  • Bleed radiators to that they are effective for heating
  • Consider electric ceramic heaters if the quality of your radiators is low
  • Clear the drainage and gutters once the leaves have dropped. Ensure that every pipe is securely secured on the walls.
  • Clear the debris and leaves that may have gathered around the external walls to avoid the risk of dampness.


Keeping your property safe and comfortable during the winter seasons is essential. Follow this checklist for the best results.

  • Check the trees and fences for storm damage on a regular basis.
  • Do repairs quickly to avoid further issues
  • Inspect your roof from the bottom of the garden or across the street for dead or lose branches that may detach due to strong winds.

Avoid damp by using extractor fans and opening windows occasionally. When condensation happens, wipe off the wooden frames to avoid rot.

Check the pipes for leaks, especially after exceptionally cold weather.


And there you have it, a home maintenance checklist that should help you keep your home in good condition throughout the year. Doing these things will not only make your home more comfortable, but you will also avoid expensive repairs down the road. Sometimes life in general can run away from you, children, work, trips away so looking to get a freshen up of your home can boost not only the home but yourself and your mood, CJH cleaning services provide a whole host of home cleaning.