8 Tips To Protect Gmail Account From Hackers. You Must Know!!

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8 Tips To Protect Gmail Account From Hackers. You Must Know!, In the development of increasingly rapid technology, especially the internet. Email is a must-have, not only for sending/receiving messages but email is also useful as a liaison with various important applications, such as applications related to banking. This makes Email the main target for hackers or people who are not responsible for stealing your important data.

Gmail itself is a Google product that provides free electronic mail services. If you use Gmail as an electronic mail service, you should take the following 8 steps to protect your gmail account from attacks by irresponsible people or hackers.


8 Tips To Protect Gmail Account From Hackers. You Must Know!! | Freepik.com

1. Check for viruses on your computer

First you should always check for viruses that are on your computer, because these viruses can take personal data on your computer in various ways, such as infiltrating a program and others. use a trusted antivirus to scan your computer/laptop then if there is a suspicious program remove it immediately

2. Do account check

Google provides an account check feature, please visit the following link for my account and select “security checkup” or “account check”. make sure there is nothing suspicious.

3. Update account recovery options

In maintaining security, of course, it is necessary to have a backup of contacts who can be contacted when our account is in trouble. for that make sure that the account recovery option is the latest data. to check it you can visit the following link account recovery

4. 2-step verification

2-step verification is a way to add security verification in addition to a password, by sending a code to a registered cellphone.

5. Always do OS and Application updates

Make sure you always update the operating system and applications such as chrome on your computer. because one of the goals of the update is to close the security gaps from the previous version.

6. Don’t use gmail account password

It is highly recommended not to use gmail account passwords to other websites. such as social media sites, games, and others. because if other sites are compromised then your gmail account will be known.

7. Protect password

Make sure not to enter email passwords in the url addresses of untrusted sites. Always go directly to mail.google.com or accounts.google.com/Login.

Never write, email, or tell anyone else about your password. Google will also never send emails asking for passwords or other important information. In addition, use a complex wording consisting of numbers, letters and punctuation marks.

8. Avoid Pirated Software or Applications

Pirated software or applications are very vulnerable to viruses. usually the software has been inserted by a malicious script that can steal the user’s data. therefore, in order to ensure the security of your email account, avoid installing pirated software or applications.

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