Here are the 6 Types of Apps that Must Be On Smartphones for Millennials

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6 Types of Apps that Must Be On Smartphones for Millennials,The daily life of the millennial generation is now very attached to what is called a smartphone or smart phone.

In addition to communicating to facilitate daily and activities such as work, smartphones can also support entertainment needs for millennials.

The entertainment is obtained from applications that have been embedded since the first purchase of a smartphone or user downloads via the App Market or Google Play Store.

Entertainment applications are considered important by millennials as a medium to relieve fatigue during breaks at the office or relieve boredom when they are bored while waiting for someone.

This makes apps developers or application developers compete to make various kinds of applications such as social media, video makers, photo editors, games, and so on.

Regarding applications, from the many applications on the Google Play Store, here I will reveal six types of applications that millennials must have. What are they ?


6 Types of Apps that Must Be On Smartphones for Millennials |

6 Types of Apps that Must Be On Smartphones for Millennials

Chat Apps

The first apps that millennials must have when they have a new smartphone is a chat or messaging apps. This application is usually used as a substitute for SMS.To be able to take advantage of this chat application all we need is an internet network.

WhatsApp, Line, and Telegram are three examples of the many chat applications that millennials often use to communicate with friends and work colleagues.

Social Media

The next application that must be installed is a social media application. This type of application is very popular with millennials because they can get various information or even provide feedback for those who like to create video, image or photo content.

Today, social media has even become a platform for content creators to develop themselves.Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter to YouTube are social media applications that are definitely on the smartphones of millennials.

Streaming Movies

Lovers of Korean films or dramas will definitely download streaming-based media services such as Netflix, Viu, or Disney+, which offer TV series from Asia to Hollywood.

With this type of the application, young people can immediately enjoy their favorite shows to fill their spare time using only a smartphone.

Streaming Music

The next mandatory application to install is music streaming. This type of application is the choice because millennials are now relatively rare to save MP3 music files.

For your streaming music, they often use Spotify, JOOX, or YouTube Music.

Photo and Video Editing Apps

This application for editing videos and photos is no less important for young people. Usually applications like this are used to polish videos or photos that will later be uploaded on social media.

Here are popular applications that you are often used to edit photos or videos, including VSCO, Adobe Lightroom, PicsArt, KineMaster Video, and many more.

E-Wallet, Online Ojek, E-Commerce, to Online Games

Non-cash transactions are a new habit for millennials. Often they get the nickname as ‘cashless people’ because most of them save their money in e-Wallet applications aka digital wallets.

The e-Wallet application allows users to transact in e-commerce, top up balances for online transportation payments, send money and even pay for food at merchants that support cashless payments.

Furthermore, the online motorcycle taxi apps a must-have to make it easier to travel, order food, and send goods.

The e-Commerce application for online shopping has also become a mandatory application for millennials to fulfill their needs.

Not to forget, online games are the most frequently downloaded by millennials, various mobile games such as Mobile Legends, PUBG to Candy Crush are also played as entertainment when they are bored.


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