5 Things You May Not Know About Serviced Apartments

The serviced apartment sector is adding thousands of new units every year, and there is a high number of people who are going to stay in corporate accommodation such as House of Fisher this year. Below are some of the things you might not know about when it comes to serviced apartments.

Reducing Rates

When you book a hotel, you are going to pay the same rate every night you spend there, whether it is one or thirty nights. When you choose a serviced apartment, the rates are going to reduce the more you stay. This is a result of two things. Firstly, operators prefer visitors who stay longer because they have an assurance of occupancy for a given period, and this is why they offer rates that encourage people to stay for longer. Another reason is the VAT will reduce from 20% to 4% when the stay is more than 28 days.

They are Not That Expensive

Whether you take advantage of the reducing rates or not, the cost of a serviced apartment is not that expensive. If you are in London with a budget of £100 a night, you will have a hard time finding a good hotel, but you can find a lot of serviced apartments to choose from, and they provide better facilities and more room than the hotel at that price range.

They are Pretty Much Anywhere

Wherever you go, you can have peace of mind knowing you can find serviced apartments there. There has been a lot of growth in this industry over the past few years and many operators are looking to be in as many locations as possible. You will be able to find a serviced apartment you like anywhere because there are many options to choose from.

Bring Your Pets

When relocating to a new city, there is a good chance you might have to bring your family along, and this includes family pets. You can have peace of mind as a pet owner because you know you have an option where you will be able to bring your pet to stay with you. You might need to pay a little more because of the extra cleaning required during your stay.

Home Comforts

Serviced apartments will give you the same comfort as a home, and it might be a great idea to choose a serviced apartment. You will find most of them have things like premium television subscriptions, while others have super-fast Wi-Fi and Netflix.

If you are not familiar with serviced apartments, learn more because it is a great option when travelling. Your accommodation experience can be great without having to spend a lot of money.