4 Great Mobile Credit Card Apps For Small Business

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4 Great Mobile Credit Card Apps For Small Business

Mobile credit card apps can be important tools for merchandisers. Rather of investing in an precious POS system, a credit card processing app works on a smartphone or tablet, allowing merchandisers to use low-cost tackle with an affordable software figure.

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) has become a more and more common business model in the credit card processing industry. Businesses can now choose between traditional dedicated hardware and local installations or versatile apps that can run on most mobile devices.

Credit card processing apps can be the primary service offered by a credit card processor or a secondary point. In this article, we’ll give you an information about the great mobile credit card apps for small business commonly used.

Great Mobile Credit Card Apps to Support Small Business


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Square is one of the best-known names among credit card processing apps. Just about anyone can sign up for a Square account and start accepting credit card payments. This app supported features on iOS and Android. Square offers free invoicing and a virtual terminal, eCommerce integrations and a free online store, plus premium POS apps with competitive pricing, tailored to a range of industries.


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SumUp is a bit like Square’s sophisticated, minimalist European cousin. SumUp’s standalone mPOS app works in many European countries and expanded into the US a while back. While SumUp’s app is definitely the simplest option on this list, it has the essentials that merchants need for in-person sales.


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Shopify started solely as an eCommerce provider, but it’s slowly built up its products into a powerful all-in-one platform so you can sell seamlessly online and in person, including its own branded third-party payment service, powered by Stripe.

PayPal Zettle

from zettle.com

PayPal Zettle represents the eCommerce giant’s foray into in-person payment processing. Ironically, as PayPal’s eCommerce offerings are undergoing a controversial price hike, PayPal Zettle comes across as a competent, fully-featured entry into the mPOS market.

Those are Fantastic 4 mobile credit apps that you can use to support your own business. Hope this article can make your business grow even bigger and help you fulfill your needs.

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