Beware of These 4 Causes Computer Vision Syndrome

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Beware of These 4 Causes Computer Vision Syndrome

Basically, Computer Vision Syndrome is a symptom of eye fatigue. The symptoms are for example eyes becomes red, watery, itchy, tired, and sometimes can give us headache. You might see other symptoms that are different each people.

This is because the eye looks at the computer screen at a certain distance continuously, even for hours at work. The effect will be stiffness in the eye muscles, so that when looking at a distance the object looks double or blurry, but the effect is only temporary and will be harmful if you get used to it.

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What cause Computer Vision Syndrome?

All the diseases that we suffer from not only occur because of one cause, but several causes at once. Even going out of the house can also irritate us, right? However, Computer Vision Syndrome is different from usual eye irritation because it is distinguished from the cause. The causes of Computer Vision Syndrome itself, can be seen as follows.

  • Eye muscles movements are too exaggerated from movements when staring at the screen
  • Computer screen’s letters are generally not as sharp as on printed paper, so that we unconsciously force our eyes to focus more on reading them.
  • The beaming and flickering of the light coming from the screen adds more workload on the eyes.
  • The frequency of the eyes to blink tends to decreasing when staring at the screen. This causes your eyes to become drier.

Maintaining eye health by resting from the computer layer and looking at other things to get the eyes to get a break is also very important for us, especially for people who work daily in front of the screen. Eye muscle exercises and eye stretching can be one of your options to rest your eyes.

Also, we can always our eyes to get tired and away from Computer Vision Syndrome by doing some actions like in this article. Let’s take care of our eye health at all costs.

Looking for other sources are highly recommended, such as video attached below.

Computer VIsion Syndrome Video

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